Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Tree Reveal

It’s currently a running joke on twitter that putting the Christmas decs up is nothing like the movies, and it will inevitably cause World War 3 with the family. Mum hadn’t even gotten the Christmas tree out of the box before the swearing started. She’d dropped the ‘stump’ of the tree on her toe. Jake and I just sat on the sofa giggling… never, ever, get involved with the assembly of the tree. Never ends well.

We have a fake tree, for a number of reasons like Dad being allergic, the dog, pine needles EVERYWHERE… fake is just easier and it means it’s one less thing to worry about each year.

Mum has changed the colour scheme of the tree this year. Previously it was green, pink and brown, but since we’re in the midst of decorating the living room in greyscale, we’re having silver and white decs this year! The baubles are from various stores including Matalan, The Range and Home Bargains and they’re very classy indeed. I have to say this is my favourite family tree in all my life.


Are you ready for the big reveal?


Phoebe is yet to knock the entire thing over, but she did try to eat the tinsel.



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  1. Alice says:

    I’m loving the colour scheme, definitely something I’d have on my own tree. Love all of your photos as well, especially Phoebe being a fabulous model as always x



  2. Such a beautiful tree! Love all the decorations ❤️ I put up my tree on Monday and it adds so much cosiness to the living area 😊


  3. Eli says:

    You are right putting on the tree is a war or at least a battle. I love the color and design of the baubles ( new word I learnt from you today).
    You take beautiful pics and Phoebe is just so great.
    I would also add that pines however lovely I prefer the artifitial you know at least in America deforestation is an issue cause new trees dont get planted.
    I would definitely love to switch your place for 5 mins and feel whats like a white xmas…here’s 90°


  4. Covet Luxe says:

    Your tree is so beautiful and so is Phoebe, cutie! x


  5. Aww the tree looks so lovely! I absolutely love the gorgeous photos and Phoebe looks adorable 🙂
    Alice Xx


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