Blogmas Day 11: DIY Bauble Gift For Dogs

This gift is ideal for if you have quite a few pets to buy for, but don’t want to spend tonnes of money. I’ve found that people usually sell something like this for around £6-7, but I made 9 baubles for a fraction of the price, plus it’s more fun to do it yourself!


Baubles – Boots: One pack was £8, but on 3 for 2 I got 12 baubles for £14, then with my employee discount I got them for £10.85.


Treats – Hounds – Pooch and Mutt – £2.99 per pack, buy as needed. I only used one pack.

Chocolate Treats – Doggie Fashions – Pay per 100g

Personalised Name Stickers – eBay – 10 names for £4


Decoupage glue/mod podge – The Works – £5


Glitter – B&M £4.99


They literally couldn’t be easier to make.

  1. Separate the baubles in half IMG_3392
  2. Fill what will be the front half of your bauble with treats IMG_3393
  3. Mod podge and glitter the back half of the bauble and leave to dry IMG_3394
  4. Leave to try overnight IMG_3395
  5. When dry, switch the treats from the front half to the glittered half
  6. Add personalised sticker to the front of the bauble IMG_3396
  7. Put the two halves of the bauble back together IMG_3397
  8. Re-attach string

You also have the option of cutting a photo to fit the bauble to make it even more personal!

I can guarantee that all dog-mums will adore these gifts, probably even more than the dogs themselves.

Beff xx


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