Blogmas Day 15: What’s Personal Shopping Like?

With Christmas parties and New Years’ Eve just around the corner, there are a lot of social gatherings to attend and you need a better outfit than ‘Becky with the good hair’… and a few of them.

One thing I love is clothes, but I hate shopping. I despise it. My solution? Get a personal shopper.

Nothing stresses me out more than the thought of going shopping, especially in December with the added Christmas madness. There are too many racks of clothes with not enough time and far too many manic shoppers. I much prefer internet shopping from the comfort of my bed, snuggled up in my pyjamas with a cup of tea, however, you can’t try things on online and it’s a nightmare trying to send things back when it doesn’t fit right.

I got in touch with Topshop about their personal shopping experience, explaining that I was looking for festive party outfits and they were happy to help me find the perfect outfit (or eight).

The day before my appointment, Topshop phoned me to ask what sizes I would need, what kind of look I was going for, and whether there was anything I was uncomfortable about in terms of my body. I thought that was really sweet and considerate as, whilst I’m pretty body confident, not everyone is. It means that if you didn’t want to get their legs out, or show a little chest, then Topshop would take that into account when handpicking your outfits.

When I arrived I store, my personal shopper, Liv, sat me down to ask a few questions and take me through the outfits she’d picked out for me. There was so much glitter and sparkle, which is spot on for the season and she’d captured my image perfectly.


I was a little apprehensive about some of the pieces, as they weren’t necessarily choices that I would have made myself, but that’s what is great about a personal shopper. They are people who don’t know you, or your usual style, with a completely objective view and a degree in their field. They know what they’re doing, what’s in this season and what you’re going to look good in.

The first outfit I tried on was a metallic co-ord set, with long wide-leg trousers and a high necked crop with cowl detailing. The trousers are something I would have picked out myself, but I tend to avoid a cowl neck. That being said, it looked and felt great on and the pieces look great together, even if it is a little bold. The light, loose material isn’t restrictive or uncomfortable, so you can dance the night away in it. They are part of the LOVE concession, and together cost £66.

I was really excited about the next outfit as I am obsessed with velvet and I think it’s the perfect fabric for the festive period. I am in love with these velvet flared trousers, they make you feel so sassy, and paired with the right top, look amazing. They’re surprisingly inexpensive at £22 and are definitely something I’d be happy to purchase knowing I’ll get my wear out of them.

A big trend of summer 2017 has been wearing dresses over shirts and t-shirts, and I am totally up for bringing the style into winter too. This glitzy sheer top layered with a strappy mini dress is a great party twist on a classic summer look. Liv paired it with open toe sock boots and a slouchy bag for a slightly more casual look. In total, this outfit sets you back around £120.

The next get up was certainly adventurous for me. I tend to sway towards a black and burgundy colour palette, but it was fun to play around with other colours that I don’t normally put myself in. This blue skirt looks like weathered leather, but it’s actually velvet! Teamed up with a shimmered detail bralet and blazer, you can look cute and classy at your Christmas do. In total, this outfit costs £118, which includes the gorgeous RARE embellished bag.

I desperately wanted to love these black vinyl trousers, but they just weren’t doing it for me. Stood still, they look cool, but the second you want to walk the backs of your knees squeak like a rubber chicken. They weren’t for me, but I’m glad Liv got me to try them on, else I’d never have known, but hey, if you can rock them, you go girl.

I struggle to find dresses that are different and I adore, but this sparkly number was love at first sight. The metallic wrap skater dress is so flattering, and its balloon sleeves give it an extra bit of detail. The subtle embellishments in the heels look gorgeous at the back and match the detailing on the leather clutch. I think this is the perfect New Year dress.

Liv saved the best for last, pulling out a skirt and top combo that I could wear anytime, anyplace. A leather skirt with zip detailing paired with a sheer top over a velvet bodysuit. It’s so simple, yet so effective and I would have never thought to layer these two tops, so I’m really grateful for my personal shopper pointing it out. This outfit only costs £60, so half of some of the more extravagant looks.

Having a personal shopper was so worth it. Liv styled me in a variety of ways and was honest with me on what she thought looked best. I had completed my experience in 75 minutes and didn’t have to search for my size, tackle the Christmas crowds, or be in and out of the changing rooms every two minutes. Everything was just in my little room laid out all neat and ready for me, making my try-on experience relaxing and stress-free. Having the experience means that I can now go shopping with an open-mind to different styles and colours, and be more confident in my choices. Shopping will no longer be hell for me, but a fun and enjoyable experience.



4 Replies to “Blogmas Day 15: What’s Personal Shopping Like?”

  1. Beth
    You look stunning in everything you tried on even the sqeeky pants.


  2. You pull off all of these!! So pretty. I’ve always wanted to do this, as you said they don’t know your style so it can really pull you out of your comfort zone. I especially love the metallic wrap skater dress x


  3. I have also been considering getting a personal shopper lately, mainly because I have added a few pounds and I am definitely am looking for a great professional look without having to worry about picking all my outfits myself. I love the first outfit, and the velvet pants, and the purse is incredible. I am glad to read you weren’t interested in those vinyl pants. These always remind me of Limitedtoo when I was younger because I was obsessed with the faux leather pants. Although in addition to being squeaky like you pointed out, haha, those pants are always so HOT! Good call! Great post! ps: those shoes with the flower back are incredible!


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