Blogmas Day 16: Bloggers Secret Santa

Earlier in the year, our blogger group chat Blogger Babes decided to do a secret santa between us. We used the site Elfster to distribute who would gift who and it sends you an e-mail with who’s secret santa you are and their address. I’ve never met any of these lovely ladies, so we just have each others blogs to go off, and any conversations we have in the chat. We had a £15 limit but that was including postage prices too.

Here’s what I got my secret santa, and I bought her some false lashes, a makeup sponge, some mini nail files, Lindt chocolates (my fave), a notebook, a hot chocolate spoon, a jelly facemask, some wax melts and a candle.


I received my secret santa gift at the weekend. Some of you may have watched my unwrap it over on my Instagram stories (@beffshuff). Here’s what I got!

KitKat bites, a santa tea light holder, two festive nail polishes, two beautifully scrumptious bath bombs and a lush bath bomb! I can paint my nails in a candle lit bath with a bath bomb and some chocolate! That’s my weekend sorted! Thank you SO MUCH to my secret santa and I cant wait to find out who you are when everyone else opens theirs! I think I have an idea of who it could be… but I could be wrong – I guess we’ll find out!




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jade Mayhead says:

    I am so excited to open mine, I am so glad we decided to do this! Your gifts are so cute.
    Who do you think it is?😉


  2. Such a cute idea! What you chose was perfect! x


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