Blogmas Day 17: Festive Drinking Games

It’s almost the end of term and the start of Christmas parties. Get your friends and family off-their-face drunk at Christmas and New Year with these drinking games!

Wear the Santa Hat:

I saw this one on Twitter last Christmas and am yet to trial and test the game, but it did make me giggle. Place a Santa hat onto the corner of the television and every time someone ‘wears’ the hat, drink. Other variations may include sticking a little fake mustache on the tele.


Movie Drinking Games:

Put on your favourite Christmas film and drink every time a particular word/phrase is said or every time a character does a particular action. For example, if you were watching ELF, drink every time:

  • Buddy mentions “Christmas cheer
  • Buddy says “Santa”
  • Buddy eats candy
  • Buddy eats something he shouldn’t (like a cotton ball)
  • Anyone starts singing
  • Buddy and Jovi share “a moment”
  • Buddy talks to an animated character
  • People look at Buddy like he’s crazy
  • Maple syrup appears onscreen
  • Buddy mentions the North Pole
  • We see the Gimbles sign
  • Walter does something coal-worthy
  • Buddy decorates for Christmas
  • Jovi rolls her eyes
  • Walter gets angry at Buddy

(these rules are from


Dare Jenga:

This is one we play at our annual family NYE party. Buy a regular box of jenga blocks and then divide them into two halves. Leave half of the blocks blank and write a dare on each of the other half, you can make these as tame or as wild as you wish. Then mix the blocks together and build a jenga tower. Play jenga as you would usually, however the person that removes a block that has a dare written on it has to complete the dare before placing the block ontop of the tower.


Pissed Presents:

Start as you mean to go on this Christmas and bring the drinking games to Christmas morning. I read this game on and it’s similar to the movie games whereby you drink every time someone says/does something specific. On Christmas Day, drink whenever:

  • Someone doesn’t really understand the gift.
  • An exchange is clearly unequal.
  • Someone suggests keeping the wrapping paper.
  • Someone fakes liking a gift.
  • Someone asks for a receipt.
  • Someone doesn’t bother to hide the fact they hate their gift.
  • Somebody says “Merry Christmas!”

Similarly, there’s the Dysfunctional Family Drinking Game (

Sip your drink if…

  • You receive a backhanded compliment
  • Someone is wearing a Christmas hat or antlers
  • Someone asks you about your relationship status
  • Someone asks, “How old are you now?”
  • A child annoys you

Chug your drink if…

  • Someone arrives late
  • Anything breaks
  • There are any bodily functions (burps, vomit, passes gas)

Finish your drink if…

  • Someone blatantly criticizes you
  • Someone spills their drink

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