Blogmas Day 19: A Christmassy Day in Manchester

On Saturday, Jake and I spent the afternoon/evening in Manchester. In retrospect, I wish we’d have had a little more time to look at the larger markets but hey ho, here’s how our little date went.

When we arrived, we walked up towards the Arndale and stopped off at Urban Outfitters, who, by the way, have some incredibly funky garms in at the mo’. Every time we come ti Manchester, Jake and I get a photo in the photo booth… he pretends he hates it but he secretly loves it. And yes, every time we pull the same faces. I love having these strips to keep because I can look at how much we’ve changed and I think they’re really lovely.


After the obligatory photo sesh, we headed to the little markets, as we wanted to stay close to Manchester Arena and Deansgate. It was absolutely packed, but we managed to shimmy our way into a hotdog queue… and a pancake queue. Here we met The Grinch; now, it’s Christmas.

We took the long way round to The Botanist as Jake is dreadful with directions. We ended up doing a massive lap when we could have walked straight down one road. We made it to The Botanist all in one piece, which again, was brimming with people, a lot of who were going to the gig too. I ordered a Peach and Apple pot, which I’ve had there before – it comes served in a cute little plant pot and is super sweet. Jake had a beer called Takes Two To Mango, which was orange and mango infused beer, which was an unusual one, not for me but he liked it!

Arguably one too many gins later, we got our Uber to Manchester Arena… our driver had the most bizarre song on with lyrics saying something about stuffing/marinating ‘her chicken’, from which I deduced something about some poor girls vag… If anyone knows the song I’m talking about please link me as I can’t find it anywhere and I want to giggle at it.

We finished off our night at Manchester Arena for Liam Gallagher. This was the first time I’ve been to a gig in two years and not written a review, and no words would ever be able to do that show justice. It was absolutely biblical. Oasis tracks and his solo stuff got played, Bonehead made an appearance for Cigarettes and Alcohol, and there was an absolutely beautiful tribute to the victims of the bombing earlier in the year. He saved Live Forever until last, showing the Manchester Bee on the screens with the number 22, before wishing us all a safe journey home. I genuinely nearly cried. It was really, truly beautiful.


Can’t wait to go back to my fave city in the new year.

Beff xx


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