Blogmas Day 23: Birthday Celebrations

Last year, I didn’t really do anything for my birthday. In fact, without sounding like a spoiled brat, I asked that we specifically do not go to *particular restaurant* and wanted to release my inner kid at Flip Out. We did not go to Flip Out and we also ended up going to said restaurant that I didn’t want to go to. I also didn’t get a birthday cake…

This year has definitely made up for it!

Celebrations kicked off on Sunday when I saw my girls for the Christmas gift exchange and gin drinking (it’s a thing). What we’ve established is that I’m photography, dog and alcohol obsessed as that’s literally what all my presents from them revolve around! P.S. Thanks again girls!

Then on Wednesday, Jake surprised me to a night out to Miller and Carter. By surprised, I mean I asked ‘is it Miller and Carter?’ for about 3 weeks and he kept saying no (I knew I was right, because I know that he knows how much I love it there). We had an absolutely gorgeous meal, I’ve never been disappointed with their service or the quality of their meals. I ordered the 8oz rump with sweet potato fries, lettuce wedge, onion loaf and a gorgeous sauce. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was whatever was most similar to beef dripping as they’d run out (absolutely devvo’d). I swear I have this preconceived idea that Miller and Carter is pricey, but it’s really not (well, Jake paid anyways), what I mean is, we’ve been on dates to Frankie and Bennie’s that have cost more. Defo will be going again soon!

On Thursday, I had a big chill out,  did a face mask, had a bubble bath. I needed to watch Peaky Blinders season finale as Jake and I missed it (stuffing our faces with steak and all) and all I can say is Oh My God, Arthur! I helped Dad wrap his Christmas presents and watched The Grinch. I didn’t do anything spectacular on my last day on being a teenager, but it was a nice cosy day in, oh and I published my 250th blog post… I guess that’s an achievement.

Yesterday was my actual birthday, Mum and Dad filled the living room with balloons and Phoebe popped every single one.


I decided to celebrate my coming of age with a game of Laser Quest… or 3. In the first round, my parents, brother, boyfriend and I had an ‘every-man-for-themselves’ game, and then we had two ‘team’ games against other groups. We absolutely annihilated the second team! Mum loved it that much she wants to go for her birthday!


We then headed over to a new bar in town called Thirsty Giraffe, which specialises in gin and craft ale. I had a rhubarb gin with rose lemonade. It’s a real cool, quirky place – I love how bars are going for more rustic, industrial vibes these days, it’s right up my street.

We headed home to get ready for a meal at The Railway, which has become our regular family meal hotspot. The staff are so friendly and the food is spot on. The lasagne is uh-may-zing. I needed some food in my belly before heading off up town and this was perfect. Even got a birthday cake this year!


My brother, his girlfriend, my sister, boyfriend and I headed off up town to The Sugarmill for it’s electric Friday’s buy one get one free drinks offer. I’m writing this post suffering the effects of far too many Jager bombs and I need a cuddle and a bacon butty. To top it all off, Jake was a cutie and booked us a hotel room for the night with a big cosy double bed so we could spend some time together. This time of year gets crazy and I don’t really get time to wind-down, so this was the perfect opportunity.


 I’ve had some bloody lovely presents from everyone, so thank you so much! Here’s what I got!

Topshop Metallic Wrap Skater Dress (Mum and Dad)


Schuh metallic floral heels (Kirsty)


Dot Creates Blog planner, Feather and Down Sleep Essentials, Face Mask, Lip Balm (Karl and Alex)


Fred Perry Shirt, Fred Perry T-shirt, David Bowie Vinyl, Miller an Carter Meal, Hotel Room (Jake)

Girlboss, Ted Baker Spray (Andy, Leslie, Vicky)


Mojito Kit, Sausage dog air freshener, Pineapple cup, Camera organiser, Harry Potter blanket, bath stuff (Leah, Anya and Emily)


And also had some pennies to spend in the January sales!

Here’s to another year!




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