Blogmas Day 25: Our Christmas Day Routine

Firstly, I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a wonderful day surrounded by those you love. Today I’ll be talking about my Christmas routine; I’m sure you and your families have some Christmas traditions – we do the same thing every year, so I thought I’d share with you my Christmas Day routine.

I tend to wake up around 6:30 with excitement and find a stocking at the end of my bed and empty it to see what little goodies are in there. It’s usually things light socks, chocolates, hair bobbles, nail polish – bits and bobs. I’ll then sit and scroll through social media and give my friends a Merry Christmas text.

Eventually I’ll brave waking my brother up, but I’ll let the dog go in and wake him so I can’t be blamed or hit. We then wake Mum and Dad up who insist on asking us what we got in our stockings despite putting them there themselves. This year is Karl’s first year in his own house though, and so this year he’ll be arriving early in the morning, like my sister and niece.  Those guys will open their stockings and we can finally go downstairs.


First things first. Brew. We’ll all go sit in the living room and Dad will manage to find a million and one things to do and do them very, very slowly. Eat breakfast – but it’ll be something like porridge with honey and berries which requires about 10 minutes to make. He’ll go to the toilet, he’ll brush his teeth, have a wash and we’re all just sat downstairs thinking hurry the fuck up .

When Dad’s downstairs, we’ll start to open presents – an activity which we prolong for as long as possible. We try to take it in turns to go and pick a present or give a present so we can all take time to see what everyone else has been gifted.

Mum will start dinner prep and we will take our presents to our bedrooms. I’ll test out my new makeup and try on new clothes whilst listening to a new vinyl or CD. I’ll make a phone call to Jake who probably isn’t out of bed yet and tell him to hurry his butt up so I can give him his presents after dinner.


At 3pm, we are all forced to watch The Queens Speech by my brother, when we all ask why, we are spieled some rubbish about ‘she’s my boss and we have to watch it’. Mum manages to escape to agonisingly boring ordeal to plate dinner up, and we’ll all try to make a break for the kitchen to ‘help out’.

All five adults, a baby and a dog of us squeeze around the four seater dining table in the kitchen and have dinner. Mum usually asks us what our favourite present was and if there was anything that we wanted but didn’t get. I’m usually feeding the dog sprouts under the table. After we’ve eaten we’ll pull Christmas crackers, tell shit Christmas cracker jokes and wear Christmas cracker crowns. Then, after saying all year ‘we aren’t doing after dinner gifts this year’ Mum and Dad give us each another present that they knew we wanted.

We’ll spend some time lounging about and watching Christmas TV before Jake and Alex (my brother’s girlfriend) turn up and we exchange our gifts with them.

At around 6/7pm, we head next door to my Nan and Granddad’s, who host a party for the whole family with nibbles, drinks and more gift exchanging. Nan and my Aunty insist on watching the Soaps whilst everyone else gets hammered.


Somewhere between 11 and Midnight, we head back home and Christmas is officially over. It’s round about this time I realise I have work on Boxing Day and cry myself to sleep thinking of the chaos Boots Boxing Day Sale will hold.


Beff xx


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