Blogmas Day 28: What Phoebe Got For Christmas

This year is Phoebe’s first Christmas with us, and we’ve only had her three and a half months, so there are lots of things we still have to buy her, so this Christmas she is getting well and truly spoiled. Here’s what we’ve brought her so far, and there’s still time to buy more.

Phoebe’s Adventures In Petlandia Book – My crazy-dog-lady-four-sausage-dog-owning friend Anya showed me this site where you enter yours and your dog’s name, their breed/markings and where you live. The site will then create your personalised book where your pet leaves home for ‘Hollywoof’ to become a star, but realises how much it misses you and comes home. I thought it was the most hilarious thing ever, and i had a 25% off voucher to get it for £15.

Treat bauble – I made these myself, you can see how in this post. This is a super fun and inexpensive gift to give anyone, filled with sweeties, a scratch card – anything!


Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Cracker – I desperately wanted to get Phoebe a cracker as it’s one of our family traditions to pull crackers after dinner. This Lily’s Kitchen cracker filled with turkey, cranberry, thyme and cinnamon treats was just £3.50!


Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Dinner Tray – You can’t cook a turkey, pigs in blankets, and all the rest of the Christmas dinner goodies and then give your dog their everyday kibble?! That’s torture and borderline animal cruelty. This year Phoeb’s is getting a Lily’s Kitchen Three Bird Roast with her Chicken kibble (and some ham under the table).


Bandanna – Phoebe’s collar is handmade with Harris Tweed by Sweetpea and Boo. I thought it would be nice to get a bandanna made of the same material as her collar to match. I’ve ordered a gorgeous yellow and taupe Harris Tweed and grey polka dot fabric bandanna and it’s going to be her ‘sunday best’ – she’s going to look amaze.


Advent Calendar – The countdown to Christmas just isn’t the same without an advent calendar. Last year mum forgot to buy me one and I was genuinely heartbroken, so I thought this Good Boy dog chocolate calendar would be cute so we can both have our advent calendars in the morning with a brew.


Pawsecco – They don’t call it Prosec-ho-ho-ho for nothing! Prosecco is the holiday drink in our household and so Phoebe has her own little non-alcoholic pet friendly version.


Sotnos Fairisle Jumper – I initially wanted to get Phoebe a pair of dog Christmas pyjama’s but her gangly legs wouldn’t fit in them, but she looks just as cute in her lil Christmas jumper.


From her furry friend, Harry_The_Chug (follow him on insta), Phoebe got an adorable 2018 calendar with his fuzzy lil face on it. No, really, go follow his insta, his mum dresses him as Harry Potter.


And from her friends Fraiser and Niles, Phoebe got some mini dog chocolate oranges! Because EVERYONE needs one!

What did you pets get for Christmas?

Beff xx


2 Replies to “Blogmas Day 28: What Phoebe Got For Christmas”

  1. Ahhh, our friends got us the Petlandia book for Elsa too! I want to know if they are all the same story?! Does Phoebe go to Hollywoof and play a saxophone too??


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