Blogmas Day 29: Lush Shoot For The Stars

Is there anything better than Lush’s Christmas collection? I treated myself to the Magic Wand, you can find my review of that one here, and Golden Wonder. I wanted to buy more but you can spend a scary amount of money in Lush so I refrained. Luckily, my secret santa bought me Shoot For The Stars, and it was amazing.

25592965_482861232108438_810109120_o25625321_482861218775106_1356012123_o (1)

I ran it under the tap for a second before dropping it into the tub, and the bath water instantly turned a gorgeous shade of blue. As it fizzed, it released scents of citrus and honey, which are so comforting and cosy. The stars left golden swirls in the water, with gold glitter making it shimmer. Coconut cream and cocoa butter softened my skin and made me feel so soft, it was the perfect pre-night-out prep bath bomb!

25593187_482861228775105_1809920062_o (1)25624406_482861212108440_417461361_o25577288_482861315441763_651010812_o25578782_482861295441765_1222052569_o25624443_482861325441762_1212935317_o (1)25634926_482861328775095_1596732633_o (1)

I’d definitely use this again! I can’t wait to try out the Lush products I got for Christmas!

What’s your all-time favourite Lush product?

Beff xx


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