T-Zone Bamboo and Charcoal Range

T-Zone Skincare is almost as old as me, and has been fighting against spots since 1998 (me, I’ve been fighting them since I was about 10).

In 2017, I had a horrific allergic reaction to an active ingredient in an acne product, which resulted in me looking like that snapchat filter that makes your face balloon. Since then, I’ve always been very careful about what I put on my skin, and this year, I’m vowing to take better care of my skin. T-Zone pride themselves on ‘delivering the natural alternative to chemical ingredients that can irritate the skin, for a clearer and spot-free complexion’.

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I was sent some products from their newly launched Charcoal and Bamboo range, which is now available to by in Superdrug.

There are five active ingredients in the products including:

Active Charcoal (Detoxifying and draws out impurities)

Bamboo Extract (For controlling an oily t-zone)

Tea Tree (Anti-bacterial)

Grapefruit Extract (refreshing and clarifying)

Witch Hazel (Astringent)

All five of these ingredients are perfect for what my skin needs, as I’m super oily at the minute and my acne has been flaring up.

Let’s get into the products.

Charcoal and Bamboo Ultra Purifying Face Wash: This product has found itself becoming a regular in my morning skincare routine. It makes me feel super fresh and ready for the day! At £3.25, it’s super affordable, meaning clear skin doesn’t have to break the bank. One pump of this product goes a long way, as it foams really well and is easy to wash off. I was a little worried about it going everywhere and staining things with it being so dark, but that hasn’t been an issue!


Charcoal and Bamboo Nose Pore Strips: I love a good blackhead extraction with a nose pore strip (who doesn’t?) and, sorry to be gross, but with these being black it means you can really see when they’ve worked as it shows up better on the paper. Is there anything more satisfying? Similar products on the market tend to be a little pricy, which puts me off a little, but these are only £3.99 and are so worth it. You can buy them in packs of 6 or 12 (£5.99) too! I actually found that these nose strips work better than the ‘paint on, peel off’ ones you see on Instagram all the time, and you can totally see why they won Highly Commended for Best New Skin Care Treatment at the Pure Beauty Awards in 2017, just four months after their release.


Charcoal and Bamboo Self-Heating Mask: In this box you get 4 masks, for £4.99, so £1.25 a mask. Using this product was the most bizarre feeling ever! The consistency is super thick, and you have to massage it onto wet skin to activate the heating element. The sensation is odd, but very relaxing. I massaged it around my face for around 1 minute and left it to sit for another before washing it off. This product is a little messy, so have some toilet roll at the ready to help you clean the sink up afterwards!


Charcoal and Bamboo No Shine Papers: These bad boys are now coming EVERYWHERE with me. I always find that when I’m out all day, I get such a shiny forehead and I get really self-conscious about it. I’ve never really thought to try blotting papers but I don’t think I’ll be able to live without them after using the T-Zone ones. All you do is dab away and it absorbs the excess oil without smudging your makeup. They’re an actual lifesaver. They come in a handy little packet (essentially like a large cigarette rolling paper packet) so are easy to take on-the-go and don’t get crumpled or lost in your bag. Goodbye shiny face!


Beff xx


3 Replies to “T-Zone Bamboo and Charcoal Range”

  1. You’ve definitely sold these to me! I’m struggling so much with my skin at the moment so I’ll definitely be getting my hands on the face wash and pore strips at least. The photos are ace too girl!
    Alice Xx


  2. Their face wash is everything! I love how gentle it is and the bottle really lasts a long time.. the scent of the whole range is so yummy! I defo need to try out their nose strips next xx

    Ronnie // http://www.veronicabizzarri.com


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