Keeping it Local with Casual Faction

You’ll have all probably grasped by now that I am a big believer in shopping local and supporting local businesses. I’m very proud to be collaborating not only with a local business, but a local business from my very own little hometown, created by Jack Willis, a lad I went to school with. To be creating a brand at such a young age is a massive success and the quality of the products is immense.


The Casual Faction logo features a bottle kiln, an iconic symbol of Stoke-on-Trent which pays homage to its rich, cultural history. I can’t begin to describe the pride I feel wearing these clothes. When people ask where they’re from, I’m excited to tell them about the brand and where it came from. When my Dad found out they were made in Biddulph, he couldn’t believe it, he was genuinely amazed.


The designs are so simple, yet highly effective, with a very fashionable brand feel. Pretty Green was the first brand that sprung to mind, particularly when looking at other designs by Casual Faction. These would easily sell on the high street for how wearable and casual they are.


The brands aim was to create ‘clothing that aspired to have quality over trends that could be worn casually for the everyday occurrence.’ They timeless pieces; they will never go out of fashion and can be worn for anytime, anywhere.

Jack delivered me (that’s how local, hand delivered) a Faction Beanie in Burgundy and a classic Faction Tee in Olive Green. Burgundy is my go-to colour, and beanies are my go-to on ‘day-three-hair’ days so this is perfect for me, especially because (for some unknown reason) I don’t actually own a burgundy beanie. The classic tee is so easy to wear with anything. Having just a little logo on a tee makes a big difference to wearing a completely plain t-shirt. It looks more expensive and like more thought has gone into an outfit.


The prices on Casual Faction range from £13 (Beanies), to £15 for t-shirts and £20-25 for hoodies. They are available on their website and at local barber shop Barber Dodds.

Beff xx



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