Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review

I think this may actually be my favourite Lush bath bomb of them all. I find myself buying this one year after year and using it in my Christmas Eve bath as a special treat. I remember the first time I used it I was so mesmerised as the colours seeped out, and I still get that excited feeling when I use it every year.

The bath bomb is shaped as a little bow-tied gift and covered in gold shimmery dust. It’s like a present from you, to you.


When you drop it into the water it fizzes, turning the water a golden colour before changing to green, then a turquoise-blue with flecks of pink and gold. It no longer contains the gold stars that used to burst out of it, however it is every sparkly. It has a citrusy scent, so not overly Christmassy, but it feels very luxurious.


This is not something you’d want to use if you wanted a quick bath. This is an ‘I’ve-had-a-long-day-and-need-a-hot-relaxing-bath’ kinda bath bomb. You need to just lie there, probably scrolling through social media and just be. You also need to be prepared to scrub the glitter out of the tub after! However, the bath bomb definitely made me feel better about working on Christmas Eve!


You can also get these in a gigantic size for around £12-13… I mean, I wouldn’t pay that personally, but I bet it would be pretty cool…

Beff xx



2 Comments Add yours

  1. chloeburford says:

    Lush bath bombs never fail to impress! This looks so cool! x


  2. I love how colourful it is on the inside! I love citrus smells as well so I’d definitely love this. I wouldn’t be paying the £13 for a big one but imagine how luxurious that would be?! x



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