5 Youtubers and Bloggers You Need To Subscribe To

I’ve enjoyed watching YouTubers for many years, way way before I decided to set up my own blog. However, through my blog I have discovered some incredible, talented bloggers and content creators that inspire me and I just love watching and reading their content. I decided to compile a list of some of my favourites, so that you can go and subscribe to their blogs and YouTube channels too! I’ve narrowed it down to 5, and I hope to do more of these posts every month or so in a bid to support other bloggers and creators.

  1. Helen Anderson – Helen is someone I discovered very recently, and unfortunately it wasn’t through a very positive video. The first of her videos I watched was ‘We Broke Up’, referring to her and her husband. In spite of the nature of the video, I fell in love with Helen’s authenticity, personality and ‘good vibes only’ approach to life, resulting in me following both of her channels ‘Helen Anderson’ and ‘ANDERZ VLOGS’. ANDERZ VLOGS is where Helen tries to post daily, vlogging her daily life, and her other channel is for things like hauls, makeup looks, and fashion lookbooks. I’m a massive fan of her style and how she’s really herself on camera with no smoke or mirrors. Frankly, I wanna be her bestie, but for now I’ll just scroll through her gorgeously aesthetic insta grid pretending I am.27016853_495221057539122_380222378_oHA.png
  2. Alice Spake – Alice writes at aliceanne.co.uk about all things beauty, lifestyle, and most recently, parenting! She is raw, open and honest – I’m guilty of scan reading a lot of posts, but Alice always has me hooked on every sentence until the end. I followed her blog and social media throughout her pregnancy, as well as her boyfriend Arran (haloofthoughts.co.uk) who wrote a hilarious post on things Alice cried about during pregnancy. Little Baby Joshua has been an adorable addition to the insta feed alongside many perfectly pictured cups of coffee and you all need to follow his insta for instant broodiness (@babyspake).26941874_495221060872455_1971854138_oAA.png
  3. Louise Pentland – Louise is a good friend of internet sensation Zoella, her main YouTube channel is SprinkleofGlitter, whereas her vlog channel is SprinkleofChatter. SprinkleofGlitter currently includes mostly baby themed videos, as Louise gave birth very recently. Her vlog channel is made up of weekly vlogs, chats, unboxings and other bits of chatter. I find Louise’s content very comical, blunt and she will say what everyone is thinking no matter how taboo or crude. LP.png
  4. The Kitty Luxe – Holly is an absolute fashionista and I am always pining over her wardrobe from her stunning outfit shots. Her site is thekittyluxe.com and features beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I’m telling you her wardrobe is TO DIE FOR and I am always on her depop buying her stuff. You definitely need to follow her instagram @holstayy for her product and outfit photos as well as her fabulous insta stories that feature unboxings, outfit talk-throughs and current faves. 26941545_495221064205788_1387068139_oTKL
  5. ItsLikelyMakeup – Jordi is a makeup artist and I adore watching her YouTube videos. Her personal style is quite alternative, yet she can pull off any makeup look she wants. She always gives me makeup inspo for date nights, autumnal looks, party looks, everyday looks – you name it. 1 of her almost 200 videos will sort you out for any occasion. A lot of her videos are chatty Get Ready With Me’s, which allow you to connect with her personality and improve your makeup artistry as she takes you through each step. ILMILM2

Feel free to comment with any content creators you think I need to check out!

Beff xx


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  1. I’ve never really heard anyone mention Jord before so I got a little bit excited! I’ve been subscribed to her for ages and I love how her channel and looks are so different so any other YouTuber out there x



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