13 Things You Can Give Up for Lent to Make You Feel Like a Better Person

Lent falls on Valentine’s Day this year, and is fast approaching (which means Easter is too, yay!) and you may be thinking of things you could give up for the 40 days (and nights). Often people choose things like smoking, alcohol, chocolate… luxury items that we take for granted. Who wants to do that on Valentine’s Day when you want to eat your body weight in chocolate, whether you’re in a relationship or not? Instead, why not give up something (or things) that will make you feel like a better person? Some positive, albeit difficult, alterations to your lifestyle… habits you’ve accidentally fallen in to. Here are some ideas:

Toxic people – If you’ve found yourself surrounded by toxic relationships, be it friends, work colleagues or even just people online. Cut. Them. Out. Unfollow them and don’t engage with them and their negative energy. You will feel so liberated.

Wearing makeup – throughout January I stopped wearing makeup in the week, mainly due to having an eye infection, however my skin started to clear up and I got an extra half hour in bed. I’m all for dolling myself up at the weekend and if I’m going somewhere, but just for uni? nah. It’s felt so good.

Instagram filters – I think I’d find this one pretty hard. Just be you. I feel like we can become a bit obsessed with filters and cling onto them like a safety blanket. The amount of times I’ve taken a selfie and gone ‘yeah, be alright when there’s a filter’ is scary – just stop using them for a month… you’ll realise they aren’t really necessary.

Social media in the day – I spend so much time on my phone because of my blog, but it’s not a healthy amount. Why not limit the amount of time you spend on your phone throughout the day and save it until you’re home in your pj’s with a gin.


Complaining – ‘I’m so tired’ ‘I hate people’ ‘ughhhhhh’ are common phrases that come out of my mouth. Complaining about things doesn’t fix them, it just makes you think about said irritation even more, thus leading to a negative frame of mind.

Spending money – I’ve wanted to do a no spend month for ages, only purchasing absolute essentials. It means I’ll stop buying things I don’t need just for the sake of it and I’ll have some extra cash at the end of the month.

Mindless TV watching – It’s so easy for me to make a brew on my day off, sit on the sofa around 10:30 to watch This Morning and just gorm in front of the tele. Before I know it, The Chase is on and mum’s getting in from work, the day is wasted and I’ve done nothing productive. Instead, get some spring cleaning done or get out of the house!

Weighing yourself – guilty. I weigh myself every Sunday at work and have found myself obsessing over my weight a little. Give it up for a month and you stop caring. As long as you look and feel healthy, that’s all that matters.

Bitching – Scrolling through insta criticising someone’s outfit isn’t healthy. What they don’t know won’t hurt them, but feeling compelled to comment on someone’s appearance or whatever isn’t good for yourself. Stop gossiping and judging.

Hoarding – Have a spring clean and throw out your out of date makeup. I know you like that lipstick but does it smell how it did when you bought it? No. bin it. Whilst you’re at it, rid out the wardrobe and the bath stuff too.

unnamed (2).jpg

Social media stalking people you don’t like – When you do this, and we’ve all been guilty of it, as yourself what you’re getting out of this. Nothing. It’s going to be the same content as always, a picture of their Sunday roast, a picture of some cocktails on a table in a bar, a selfie and a picture of their cat. Dull.

Fast Food – Think how much money you’d save if you put the money you would have spent on maccies in a jar. Enough to go out for an actual decent meal with cocktails included – treat yo’self to that after Easter instead.

Swearing – yeah fuck that one.

What are you giving up for lent?

Beff xx



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  1. I could definitely do with giving up on complaining, but I’d ruin it within five minutes! Haha. Giving up make-up is a good idea, I do enjoy doing a full face sometimes though so I don’t think I could give it up completely. My skin would definitely appreciate it if I cut down on wearing high coverage foundation every day though, might have to give that a whirl x

    Alice | http://www.accordingtoalicex.com


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