My Boyfriend Guesses the Prices of my Things

Boys are pretty clueless about what us girls spend our money on and how much our stuff costs. I mean, have you seen those videos of boyfriends destroying their girls makeup and you’re sat there in horror like, that is literally £1000’s of pounds worth of stuff omg. I decided to test Jake’s beauty knowledge (and test how much he listens to me when I tell him stuff) with this challenge. I’ve seen a few bloggers quiz their boyfs too, so let’s see how well Jake can do. I’ll post the image of the item with Jake’s guess at the top and the real price at the bottom.

No7 Cleansing Brush£12.png

I know I definitely didn’t pay £25 for the brush as I had discount and vouchers at the time of purchase… so Jake’s guess for what I actually paid would have been close, but the real price is £25.

Tangle Teezer

£12 (1)

I swear by these brushes because they don’t ruin my hair so much, which is why I’m okay with paying over the odds for it!


£12 (2)

My dog ate my EoS once and I went mad because it was an expensive lip balm, I think that’s why Jake managed to get pretty close on this one.

Spectrum fan brush

£12 (3)

With so many brands pricing their brushes differently, it’s hard to guess a generic price for one brush unless you’re familiar with the brands… that being said, Jake guessed the prices of brushes really well.

Real Techniques eye blending set

£12 (4)

Almost dead on! Only a penny off!

Beauty Sponge

£12 (14).png

‘I know these sponges are ridiculously overpriced for what they are’ – you ain’t wrong, but this is Superdrug’s instead of Beauty Blender so it’s not as harsh on the purse.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation

£12 (6)

He can have this one!

Kat Von D Lock it powder

£12 (7)

I think Jake was guessing drugstore prices, not realising KVD is a more luxe brand.

Mac Retro Matte

£12 (8)

Jake had initially said a much lower price, I was like ‘babe, it’s MAC’ and he was like ‘OH it’s defo more then’. Close, but no cigar.

Urban Decay liner

£12 (9)

Not bad… I didn’t even know how much it was until I looked it up.

Natural Collection Brow Gel

£12 (10)

Jake knows I am prepared to spend a lot of money on brow products, but thankfully this beauty product I swear by is cheap, hypoallergenic and cruelty free.


£12 (11)

Stab in the dark.

W7 palette

£12 (12)

I was testing Jake’s memory on this one because he was the one that got it for me. He guessed £5 which is what he paid, but that’s because there was an offer on. Tricked him.

Blog planner

£12 (13)

Nowhere near babe.

Do you think your partner could guess the prices of your things? Or, do you think you could guess the prices of theirs? Have a go! It’s actually a laugh!

Beff xx


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  1. Great post! Love how far off he was on the brow product haha and this last one 😨 £28 on a planner 😯😯 so pretty though!


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