11 Things To Know Before You Date A Blogger

My boyfriend Jake and I got together before I started up this blog, so unfortunately he had no time to escape and has had to learn how to date a blogger. Jake didn’t get any warning or any tips on how to survive. I’m lucky that he’s an absolute gem and will do (pretty much) anything that will help me with my blog (mostly) without moaning, in return for a cup of tea and a cuddle. Together, we’ve compiled this list of ‘Things to know before you date a blogger’, to let people know what they’re letting themselves in for. You ready?

  1. You won’t be able to go anywhere without your blogger taking photos. They won’t stop until they’ve got the perfect shot, and even then they’ll take a few more for good measure. Do not say the words ‘are you done yet?’ you’ll be hit back with a vicious ‘shh’, a hand to the face and the sound of the camera snapping away.
  2. When planning dates, you’ll have to base it around whether or not your blogger will be able to write a blog post out of it. Places they’ve never been before are perfect, but they have to be Instagrammable.
  3. You better learn a little about photography and taking pictures, because you’re heading into a relationship and essentially, a business partnership. You will now on be partner and outfit photographer. Be prepared to learn how their camera works, their good side and how to take a ‘posed unposed shot’.
  4. Be prepared to make the executive decision on which (out of 17 identical images) should be posted on insta.
  5. You will also become the human equivalent of spell check, and will be forced to proof read posts before they’re published, and then double read it again once it’s live.
  6. You need to follow all of their social media, that means their Twitter account(s), their Instagram account, their blog Instagram account, their Facebook page, their Pinterest, and you better get signed up to WordPress too. Turn on their notifications so you never miss a post.
  7. You will get roped into doing tags and couples posts, like My Boyfriend Does My Makeup and My Boyfriend Guesses The Prices Of My Beauty Things. You’re not allowed to moan, everyone is doing it.
  8. Your blogger will always be on their phone. They’re not ignoring you or being anti-social, they’re reading blogs, researching, supporting other bloggers, growing their empire. We also like to document everything so get used to it.
  9. Sometimes your blogger gets a plus 1, so you need to be enthusiastic about seeing the Panto, or the theatre, or the new chick flick they’re reviewing (even if you’re not). It’s their way of taking you on a date… kinda… Sometimes, it may be worth your while, so don’t moan when it isn’t for you, or else you might not make the +1 cut for cool events like Circus of Horrors and YNOT Festival.
  10. There’s some lingo you’re going to have to learn to keep up. SEO, DA, Blogosphere, broken links etc… It’s difficult to talk about your blog when every 5 seconds someone goes ‘what’s that mean?’
  11. From time to time your blogger may get caught up on numbers, statistics, followers and that pesky Instagram algorithm. That’s when you save the day and remind them to remember the reason they started blogging and that it’s not all about the digits.

Still thinking about dating a blogger? Good, you’ve passed the test. Now go out there and support their ass.

Beff xx


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Britney says:

    I’m single, but this is a great list. #1 is especially true for me. I was always like that even before I created my blog, but then it just got worse. 😛


  2. Hahah love this post! Getting them to sign up to WordPress has me 😅😂😅 good idea tho!



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