Making a Statement with Freedom at Topshop

In recent months, statement earrings have been the go-to accessory, and I’d been waiting on the perfect pair to find me. Eventually I bought myself some red tassel babes from Boots, which you may have read about in my haul. I was apprehensive about wearing them, as it’s a look I’d never tried before and usually stick to my dainty diamantes. I really loved styling the earrings, it’s like I could build an outfit around my accessories as opposed to the opposite. It was a fun, new take on my outfit planning.

A couple weeks back, I found myself passing through Topshop and a sale sign on the jewellery stand caught my attention. I am a sucker for a sale sign. I can’t help myself. I stood looking at the small print which read ‘5 sale lines for 5’ and I was a bit like eh? What? Does that mean there are 5 lines of sale? Is everything a fiver? Am I being dumb? I asked a sales assistant what it meant exactly so as I wouldn’t get to the till and have it all wrong… she was like ‘yeah, you can have any 5 items for £5’. WHAT. Topshop that is a bloody bargain if ever I saw one!


I quickly grabbed two pairs of earrings. One pair I’d had my eye on for some time but just couldn’t justify £14.50 on a pair of earrings that were essentially costume jewellery. I finally decided on five pairs and took my giddy little self to the checkout feeling mega smug about my bargain.

I did the maths and worked out that I got £61 worth of earrings for £5. Even in the sale purchased without the deal they’d have come to £20. I paid A FIVER! I actually still can’t believe it. You would genuinely pay more in Primark per pair.

Here’s what I picked up:

Sequin Drop Earrings – this is the pair I contemplated buying months ago but couldn’t bring myself to part with nearly £15. I also nearly bought a dupe pair on Depop but resisted. I’m super made up with these and can’t wait to wear then with something sparkly.


Yellow Bead and Tassel Drop Earrings – I’m loving the colour yellow at the moment and have a lil yellow themed outfit post planned that these are perfect for. I am so excited to go and shoot the outfit now it feels complete with these big-ass tassels.


Flower Drop Earrings – I don’t usually go for gold jewellery, I mostly wear silver, but I really liked how different these were and I feel like I could definitely put them with something. I like how they’re quite a rigid design so won’t move around a lot.


Pink Semi-Circle Earrings – I won’t lie to you, I bought these because I needed one more item to make it up to 5. However, they’re pretty funky and metallic is still very much in.


Floral Drop Ear Cuff – These are super cute and boho. They go into your lobe piercing and then hug your cartilage, but also dangle down with a little dainty feather kind of detail. These earrings are giving me all the festival vibes.


Still can’t get my head around how much of a steal these were. I’d have paid over a fiver for just the yellow tassels and pink sequin beauts!


Have you picked up any bargains recently? If so, tell me your secrets!

Beff xx


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  1. The yellow earrings are just gorgeous ❤ I bought similar ones last year at H&M but then turquoise. They are such a statement piece x


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