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As soon as I finish this semester, there are a few ‘big jobs’ on my to-do list that will help me organise and generally spring clean my life. They’re things that just take that little bit longer to do and I just never find the time. I think some of my readers may also find it beneficial to take out the trash and rid out the metaphorical cupboards. Here are a few things on my spring-clean list:

Sort out my emails. – it’s been a long time since I organised my inbox. There’s literally around 25,000 emails in my archives that need sorting. Whenever I see an email I’m not interested in, I don’t actually delete it; it just gets archived. I need to delete the junk and unsubscribe to mailing lists I no longer want to be on. Also want to categorise my emails and star the important stuff. I vow to keep them mega organised and reply to my emails ASAP.

Cull social media. – buh bye boo. I need to unfollow inactive accounts, ghost followers and generally people that aren’t my cup of tea. Some people have the opinion that unfollowing people is petty but if their content doesn’t float your boat anymore then let it sail. I want Instagram’s (albeit crappy) algorithm to show me accounts that I actually like and content I enjoy.

Notifications on. – another algorithm gripe is that I never see peoples’ content. I’m going to be turning notifications on for my fave accounts and giving out lots of likes and comments. I want to outwardly project positivity and start telling people why I like their content. I know how much I appreciate being complimented on my blog so I want to do that for other people.

Mass delete old tweets. – I’ve had Twitter for years and there are some embarrassingly old tweets on there. There’s over 20k tweets on my profile… Not that I’ve been unsavoury, just that I can’t remember what I wrote when I was 14/15, probs cringy af stuff about my ex that I don’t need reminding of. I’ll be deleting anything from, well, pretty much anything pre-2016.

Back it up. – my hard drive, not my booty. I have so many photos, articles and university work on my laptop that if it were to break I’d literally lose my entire life works. I need to back everything up onto the hard drive to make sure I have a copy if the worst should happen. I also need to organise the hard drive into folders and categories.

Organise the chaos that is the ‘downloads’ folder – When I edit my images for my blog, I download them and they all go straight to the downloads folder… I now have over 4.5k items in my downloads folder from 3098472_2850683 to img_9481 and it’s a horrible job but it needs to be done. It’s already a nightmare trying to find things on my laptop.

Online portfolio. – possibly a little obsessive of me. I’d like to create portfolios for all of my work, from my blog, music journalism and StaffsLive so that I can print them and keep them in a little folder. If anyone can suggest a good online portfolio space, do let me know!

Declutter my phone – I have a gazillion versions of the same selfie alongside the original and edited image from every one of my blog posts and it takes up so much space! I want to keep my camera roll to a minimum to save space and have a designated Blog Photos folder for any insta worthy snaps.

Self-host. – That’s one ticked off the list! Boom. One down, eight to go!

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  1. April 25, 2018 / 11:05 pm

    Great tips with humor! Now to only schedule the time to do all this 🙂

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