The Big Girls Night In with Sugarcrave

You’ve decided on a spontaneous movie night in and gathered all of the blankets in the house, lit the scented candles and are ready to start flicking through Netflix to make the all-important decision of what to watch. What if I told you that the second you decided on that movie night you could have a box of classic film goodies delivered to your door within an hour. If you have a sweet tooth then this is the delivery service for you.

Sugarcrave is a delivery service who can deliver pick ‘n’ mix and other goodies to your door around an hour after ordering. At present, they are only doing the ‘takeaway treats’ delivery service in Stoke-on-Trent, Shropshire, Hereford and Crewe, but you can use their postal service anywhere in the UK. It’s the perfect gift to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Friday was The Big Girls Night In (Halloween Edition). Leah and I headed over to Anya’s house for a night of gin, wine, pizza, Netflix, sweeties and sausage dogs. Sugarcrave kindly gifted me one of their family night in boxes, which are usually £18.50.

With a violet gin in hand, pizzas in the oven, and adorable pumpkin socks on, we filled Anya’s tables with goodies from Sugarcrave.

We received:

  • 1kg box of pick ‘n’ mix
  • 2 x share bag of cheesy Doritos
  • A share bag of sweet Butterkist popcorn
  • 1 x treat bag of Malteasers
  • 1 x treat bag of Milkybar Buttons
  • A bar of Cadbury Galaxy chocolate
  • 4 x 330ml cokes

Our 1kg box of sweets came in a handy share box and was filled with all the classics. Chocolate mice, jazzies, cola bottles, jelly babies – it was the full works! We emptied the Doritos and popcorn into cute pumpkin bowls to snack on and cracked open a cold Coca-cola in a glass bottle. There’s something so retro about coke in a glass bottle that I just love. We were sent so much food, we never even opened the chocolate bar or share bags!

After hearing lots of great reviews, and since it’s almost Halloween, we would watch The Haunting of Hill House. We watched five episodes and, without giving away any spoilers, it’s both terrifying and hilarious. I always find it a lot easier to watch horror films with a group of people, and my way of dealing with the fear is to look for the funny parts, of which there are plenty in this series. We hid behind bowls of popcorn and jumped out of our skin in parts, and spent a good amount of time fending dachshunds off the pick ‘n’ mix.

In the morning, Anya made us all pancakes with golden syrup – legend. Meanwhile, I dished the rest of the sweets into goodie bags. I’ll still be eating pick ‘n’ mix in three days time (if I can keep Jake away from them!)

I would certainly recommend Sugarcrave for a family night, or if you’re having friends round. It saves a trip to the shop with your Halloween pyjamas on and is great value.



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  1. Holly
    October 21, 2018 / 9:11 pm

    Love this!! A fab piece about how to make use of our delivery service. Thanks a mil. Holly @ Sugar Crave x

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