Black Coast – Paradise – singe review

Stoke-on-Trent Nu-Metal five-piece Black Coast have teased us with the very first taste of their debut album in their latest single ‘Paradise’.

Paradise may conjure the image of blue skies and sandy beaches, a cold beer in hand and dance track playing in the distance, but Black Coast are about to stomp on that image with some pretty heavy boots.

The quintet have been grafting in the metal scene and gigging up and down the country since their inception in 2015, and have been working on their album for the past two years. During lockdown one, the band released their Isolation Tapes – a collection of five incredible cover tracks recorded entirely on mobile, mixed by the producing wizard Sam Bloor.

They later launched an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds to record the album they’d spent months perfecting, which achieved over £1,000 in pledges where people had pre-ordered their copy of the album. Finally, in January, Black Coast were able to get into Lower Lane Studio with Sam to record – but due to Covid, could only record one by one.

Who’s in Black Coast?

Charlie Hewitt – Lead Vocals.

Joe Mayer – Guitar.

Scott Pinnington – Guitar.

Jack Beardsall – Bass Guitar.

Matty Clarke – Drums.

Scott thought all his dreams of recording the album were done for when the police rocked up to the studio on day one. The guitarist told The LeopHEARD Podcast: “We started writing the album in January 2019 and we got Sam to help write the album with us.

“We had 14 days to record, and Matty did nine songs in two days. But the first day Matty started doing the drums and the police turned up. We’d already put the album off twice, and we were at the point that we couldn’t put it off again. When Sam text me to say the police are here, I thought it was going to get sopped.

“By some stroke of luck, someone was just watching over us to just let it happen. We’re the most excited ever to release music.”

Paradise is the first track to be released from the album, described as the band ‘Stray From The Path’ – multiplied by three.

Vocalist Charlie added: “We really enjoyed recording one at a time, and it’s probably the best way of us doing it to be fair. We got everything done a lot quicker than we would have done without distractions and other peoples’ opinions.”

Black Coast are a band that have relentlessly grafted to get to where they are today, and if Paradise is anything to go by, then their album will certainly help push them even further. A new refined and fierce sound, alongside a partnership with Nuclear Blasts Distribution arm ‘Blood Blast’, is a powerhouse not to be reckoned with.

Speaking about the inspiration for Paradise, Charlie said: “It’s about questioning myself. why did I think being a certain way, a way that destroyed myself, should be celebrated? Things in life do that to everyone at some point and dependent [on] how people deal with them is how they move forwards. l almost revelled in this state for so long, thinking the way that l was being was okay when it was just making me lose everything around me slowly but surely.”

The eerie, despondent track opens with a bass riff loaded with suspense, which continues to swell as Charlie’s vocals begin. Chaz had revealed to The LeopHEARD Podcast that ‘things are going to be different on my side of things’, and Paradise reveals his versatility with a melodic verse that dives headfirst into the tsunami of a chorus. The whole single seamlessly swings between chaos and calm, before coming back at you for round two… and three. Paradise is the perfect first peek at Black Coast’s debut album and their sound for 2021, and I’ll be waiting with baited breath for an album release date, and some live shows.



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