Soap and Glory Skincare Saviours

As a blogger, I get to try out a lot of skincare products – the good, the bad and the weird. I always find myself going back to the old faithful’s, though.

Soap and Glory are a brand that have been in everyone’s bathroom cupboard or makeup box at one time or another, and there is a reason it’s so popular. If you haven’t purchased it for yourself, you’ve definitely gifted it, or received it as a gift.

After being away for the weekend, I returned home to a box of goodies from Soap and Glory which was the loveliest surprise.

Face Soap and Clarity Vitamin C Face Wash

When it’s been a long day, you’ve crawled into bed to scroll through Instagram and right before you want to doze off you remember you need to do your skincare. Those are the days you don’t want to hurl 10 different products out of the cupboard to engage in an extensive routine. You want fast, lazy skincare that kinda does everything.

The Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash is a 3-in-1 product that cleanses, removes makeup and exfoliates. Banging. The gel-like cleanser gently foams to purify skin whilst the little pink beads exfoliate the skin. At first I was a little concerned that they were possibly microbeads, as I am trying to be more aware of my plastic waste. After a little research I discovered that Soap and Glory stopped using microplastics in their products in 2014. The beads in the Vitamin C Facial Wash are little waxy balls that dissolve completely when rubbed.

Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

So, first of all, this product puts the edible in incredible. It literally smells good enough to eat. That’s one thing S&G have really nailed – their scents. I think Rich and Foamous’s cake-y smell is my all-time fave, with Peaches and Cream coming in a close second.

I’ve recently been told that a milk cleanser needs a space in your skincare collection, but all of the others I’ve tried previously don’t even come close to this. It feels so soft and you can see it melt away makeup. It’s soothing and left my skin feeling smooth, refreshed and mega clean. Peachy.

I really like to use products that smell amazing whilst I’m on holiday, as then those fragrances are associated with good times. So alongside my Radox Blood Orange Shower Foam, Peaches and Cream has made it into my suitcase for my hols.

Puffy Eye Attack Under-Eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches

If there is anything better than a hydrating sheet mask, it’s targeting that under-eye with a gel patch. I’m a late-worker, and tend to get into bed and then start tapping away at the keyboard. It’s safe to say my under-eyes have taken a hit because of it, and almost always appear dark and tired.

The patches include ingredients like cucumber and liquorice root extract, which are both naturally good for your skin. You just leave the patches on for just under half an hour, then massage any jelly into the skin to brighten dark circles and make you feel more awake.

At £3.50, it’s a small price to pay to look like you got a full 8 hour snooze.

The Ultimelt Hot Cloth Cleanser

Hot Cloth Cleansers are like a mini home-spa treatment. They provide a deep, de-clogging cleanse whilst being super therapeutic and relaxing.

The Ultimelt is a detoxing mask that helps de-clog pores and rebalance skin. I love products like this, that work for all skin types, as mine is combination skin. This makes it hard for me to find products that work for me, because what my skin needs can change on a daily basis.

Soap and Glory suggest using a grape size blob and massaging it into the skin, being extra vigilant in problem areas. Then using the muslin cloth soaked in hot water, pat off the product to reveal gorgeously smooth, cleansed skin.

What’s your favourite Sop and Glory skincare saviour?







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