When I heard the Staffordshire Police were recruiting a Staffie, I was absolutely made up. Police Dog Cooper has joined the force and has become one of only three Staffie police dogs in the UK. The breed receives a lot of bad press, but this was a step in a more positive direction for bully breeds.

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Sunset Eye and Two-Tone Lip

Sunset eyes have been all over my Twitter feed this past few weeks. I keep seeing girls with gorgeous tans rocking the look and I was a little apprehensive to try it myself. Being so ghastly pale with cool-toned skin, I didn’t think it would work for me, but I decided to shoot my shot and go for it.

Colour Clashing and Rainbow Tees

With summer comes summer fashion, and this year is all about pattern and colour clashing. It’s something I’ve always been a little scared to do until I had a personal shopping session at Topshop. Personal Shoppers are much more experimental and know what works, and it gave me the confidence to go out and try it myself.