Beffshuff.com sees a range of organic and paid for content and collaborations – but one thing that never changes is my honesty.

In accordance with the ASA and CMA guidelines, I always make it clear when a product has been gifted at the top of a blog post, or if I’ve been compensated financially in return for my opinion or experience. I don’t share guest posts, nor pre-written content, meaning that what you find here is 100% original.

Paid for posts will always feature AD in the headline, whereas reviews of gifted items or experiences will be disclosed before the intro. On social media, I write AD, followed by the most suitable suffix such as gifted/PR product/press event/paid.

All photos are my own unless stated otherwise. I therefore own all of the copyrights. I only use no-follow links for gifted and paid products on beffshuff.com in order to comply with Google’s guidelines. My opinions are always honest and transparent regardless of whether the product has been gifted or not.

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Staffordshire, UK

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