The Revolutionary Cocoa Butter Formula by Palmer’s

I think everyone has got a bottle of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion in the bathroom cupboard somewhere. It’s a cult-status body product that whole-heartedly deserves its prestige.

Palmer’s have been around for yonks, so they must be doing something right. The brand have developed the perfect formula to keep your skin velvety soft, with a range of products for, well, pretty much anything.

Natural Collection – Makeup under £3!

The Natural Collection Tinted Brow Gel is my ultimate brow product at the very little price of £2.49.

All of the Natural Collection products are less than £3. Everything used to be less than £1.99, but they had a big re-brand and the products deserved the increase in price in my opinion.

Makeup Tutorial: Spring Vibes

Spring is just around the corner and so I’ve been trying to hurry it along with a fresh, bright makeup look. This yellow and pink combo mimics spring blooms and I’m just desperate it to warm up so I can wear cute tea dresses and light jackets.