Noughty alcohol-free rosé that doesn’t compromise on taste

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Looking to pop the cork on a bottle of fizz to celebrate a special occasion? This Noughty sparkling rosé makes for the ideal bottle that everyone can enjoy.

Last month I headed out for food with some friends, one of which has recently gone plant-based, and I couldn’t believe when she told me that a lot of wines aren’t vegan, with many containing milk, or have egg and fish used in the production. But the game-changing Noughty is organic, vegan, low sugar and halal – meaning that even my Muslim friends can also toast with a tipple with confidence that the wine is still aligned with their culture and beliefs.

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With a growing trend in consumers drinking less alcohol, making conscious choices to opt for no or low alcohol beverages, Amanda Thomson, CEO of Thomson & Scott, launched this alcohol-free sparkling wine, which has been dealcoholised to retain flavour. In a blind taste test, you’d never be able to tell it was zero ABV.

Amanda is also driving the debate for greater transparency in wine production and labelling, and wants consumers to push to know what’s in their bottle. The Noughty range is incredibly transparent, with clear and proud labelling – even down to the amount of sugar (which is 5.9g per 100ml, if you were wondering).

When taking the photos for this post, I turned to mum and said ‘I’ll do a quick ‘fake cork pop’ picture’, and before the sentence left my mouth, the rather enthusiastic cork had shot across the garden! It fizzes just like a traditional sparkling rosé, smells like rosé, pours like  rosé and tastes, you guessed it, just like rosé.

Thomson & Scott use organic grapes grown with ‘minimal intervention’ in the harvesting or production process. They avoid adding any unnecessary sugar to the wine, which also means it’s only 18 calories per glass.

This classic rosé smells of fresh summer berries, but still holds that slightly dry wine taste and acidity, which is cut through with sweetness from the fruit. The flavour and style of the drink is remarkable, and feels very sophisticated. It’s a great option for a summer picnic – particularly if people are driving – because guests will be able to enjoy the taste and feel of a glass of rosé without the alcohol or the hangover the next day. Enjoy with salted treats like pretzels and crisps, or even a summer charcuterie board!

Buy Noughty for £9.25 here.


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