Treat Yo’self – a Primark haul

I was trying to not walk out of Primark with everything but the kitchen sink, but sometimes that’s physically impossible. £4 tee here, £2 fluffy socks there, the new F.R.I.E.N.D.S collection in its entirety and soon enough you’ve spent £50.

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Tint your brows and lashes in less than 5 minutes with Colorsport

Naturally, being fair-skinned and red-headed, my eyebrows and lashes are sheet white. No pigment whatsoever. None. Nada. This means I have to regularly tint them if I want to be able to leave the house with no makeup on without looking a little bit dead.

OOTD: Sun, Sundays and Shades – FeelGoodContacts AD*

I have a confession – despite what my slogan tee says, these photos weren’t taken on a Sunday. I just got way too excited about my new t-shirt that I wore it on a Thursday. Sorry, not sorry.

There’s always that one person that point it out though isn’t there, like when you wear ripped jeans and your nan asks if you bought them with holes in.

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck

Sometimes, I don’t give a fuck. Other times, I pretend I don’t give a fuck, but in reality I really do give a lot of fucks. Occasionally, I very openly give fucks.

My Five Minute Face

Time is god-darn precious in the morning. I would much rather an extra half hour in bed with a brew, snuggling my dogs than spend an eternity doing my makeup, for me to then spill tea down my blouse, walk into a door frame and smudge an eyebrow all before 9am. Like I said, that extra half hour is precious.

The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

Festival season is upon us and whether you’re going to YNOT, Tramlines, TRNSMT or Creamfields you need to make sure you’re ready and well prepared. Festival season is just getting started and I am so excited to be going to Tramlines this year.

Get my festival makeup look

Festival makeup is my absolute fave. You can go as glam, wacky or glittery as you like and not a single person will bat an eyelid!