I’m finding moving from brights to muted tones is helping me find that transitional style, and rust is set to be a big AW18 trend.

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Getting and Caring for Lash Extensions

I think, at the moment, every other girl on my Instagram wears lash extensions or is a lash tech. It’s a trend that’s been around since the mid-00’s, but has recently boomed with courses becoming more accessible and lashes becoming more affordable for a good set.

Soap and Glory Skincare Saviours

Soap and Glory are a brand that have been in everyone’s bathroom cupboard or makeup box at one time or another, and there is a reason it’s so popular. If you haven’t purchased it for yourself, you’ve definitely gifted it, or received it as a gift.

What’s in my bag? Roadtrip Edition

I could bore you with the spiel on how you should take a satnav/GPS, a torch, an emergency car kit and maybe some tools to help you change a tyre. However, I’ll just take my boyfriend. Lucky for me, he’s a mechanic, which means that I can tell you about all the less mundane things you’ll find me packing for a roadtrip!

Craving Summer but Pining for Autumn

we’re now in this weird period which is a little past summer, but not even quite the ‘transitional period’ into Autumn. Like I’m desperate to squeeze the last bit of summer out before I start pulling rollnecks and chunky knits out of the wardrobe, but the weather is having other ideas.