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I should probably unfollow the Birchbox Facebook page for being a bad influence. Every now and again I will resubscribe after seeing an awesome deal, but will inevitably cancel my subscription the following month after seeing very ‘samey’ products.

Of course, they have sucked me in again and I signed up for their October Birchbox with a free gift deal. I can’t promise I’ll be sticking around, but I liked the look of the box and my ‘treat yo’self’ mentality took over.

For those of you living under a rock and don’t know what Birchbox is, here’s a quick update. For £12.95 per month, you receive five beauty related goodies straight to your door. You fill in your beauty profile so that Birchbox can send you products tailored to your needs, such as dry skin or oily hair. You will always receive at least one full size product, and can often choose shades or other preferences!

The October Birchbox features an autumnal floral design with ‘Days like these…’ scrawled on top in gold. With summer over and long, cosy nights creeping in, this is the perfect pamper night in box.

LOC Luminous Lip Shine trio

When I signed up I used the code 3LIP to get my free LOC Luminous Lip Shine trio. The shades include Beam, Glow and Glisten. Beam is a pearlescent, holographic shade, whereas the other two do have a bit of a nude colour to them. They are quite a sticky formula, so whispy hair will cling to it on a breezy day, but it does look pretty cute on!

The BeautyPro Thermotherapy Warming Foil Mask

Next in the box was a product where I was able to select the colour I wanted. The BeautyPro Thermotherapy Warming Foil Mask comes in silver and gold, and both have slightly different properties. I requested the silver one, which is an energising mask with brightening vitamin C and soothing green tea.

After an incredibly long Friday, I slunk into a bubble bath and applied my mask. It’s a sheet mask, which is one of my favourite types of mask as they’re no mess, no fuss. It’s supposed to heat up, however I don’t feel like it did a great job of doing so, and fellow blogger Alice Spake mentioned the same. You also have to leave it on for 20 minutes, which is a little longer than your average mask, which I’m a bit too impatient for. It would be fab for a long, relaxing pamper session though.

Daily Concepts Multi-Functional Soap Sponge

Another pamper product was the Daily Concepts Multi-Functional Soap Sponge. This charcoal soap is designed to detox and purify skin. On top of the soap is a layer of sponge which acts as an exfoliator. Everyone loves a multi-purpose product, so this 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser will definitely be a hit. To hold, the product does feel a little strange, but the kind of odd that you can’t stop touching.

Number 4 super comb prep and protect spray

After falling in love with their sugar texturising spray, I was very excited to see another Number 4 product in my box. This time I received their super comb prep and protect spray. The leave in conditioner helps detangle and moisturise hair, as well as protecting strands from damage. As someone who doesn’t take the best care of their hair, products like this that are so easy to use are a huge help.

Amika nourishing mask

Speaking of hair care, the next product I want to talk about is the Amika nourishing mask. First of all the 60s vibe of the packaging I love, and I think packaging is so important when it comes to picking up products. This mask assists in fighting split ends, as well as hydrating and repairing damaged hair. The Amika mask is probably best used on the worst of damaged hair, then keep up with the Number 4 product to prevent further damage.

Winky Lux Strobing Balm

The final product in the box was the Winky Lux Strobing Balm. You may hear more about Winky Lux on the blog in the coming weeks. They are a cruelty-free brand best known for their pill-shaped lip balms with flowers hidden inside. In Birchbox I received a creamy highlighter perfect for those , days where time is scarce. Just a swipe of the finger and a dab on the cheeks will give an effortless glow from within look.

Joop! Wow

Also thrown in as a little something extra was the Joop! Wow, a new fragrance for women. My boyfriend Jake wears Joop! Homme, and when I saw Joop! Wow advertised in a magazine, I guessed it would smell similar, but a little more feminine. Notes of raspberry and rose are combined with spice to create a strong and seductive scent. Personally I love it, and the perfume lasted on my skin all day, even after I had taken a bath.


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