Naughties nostalgia (and The Spice Girls) – AD*

In six months’ time, the start of the 00s will have been 20 years ago. That’s a scary thought isn’t it. 20 years since the millennium – since Big Brother, Ali G, power couple Brennifer and the invention of the USB stick.

Kids born in the 90s had the best of both worlds – an almost tech-free childhood playing with the other 10 kids in the street followed by the rise of tech in the 00s. We can appreciate the ‘Only 90s kids remember’ memes on Twitter, a platform that didn’t exist until I was nine years old. The 00s were simpler times – times spent stealing my older sisters glitter eyeliner and pink inflatable chair.

I was a late 90s kid, born in ’97. My sister, however, was born in 1989, and sharing a room with someone who thinks they’re Sporty Spice had a major impact on my youth. My sister, and everything she embraced in the 00s as a sassy teen, was everything I wanted and more.

I already spoke a lot about the Spice Girls when I reviewed Lauren Bravo’s What Would The Spice Girls Do? About how empowering and independent they were, and how Spicemania helped shape an entire generation of women. Guys, their FACES were on the front of WALKERS CRISP PACKETS. If that ain’t iconic, I don’t know what is. But what about everything else that made the late 90s and early 00s blooming fantastic?

Let’s give you a quick rundown:

  • Gossip Girl (namely Blair and Chucks relationship and Serena Van Der Woodsen’s style) – I’m actually rewatching this for the third time right now
  • MSN and changing your name to ALL of your best pals
  • BEBO – I don’t even want the think about the photos that were left on that profile
  • VHS – and heading to Blockbuster to rent a movie on a Saturday night
  • Glitter makeup – well, glitter everything from Barry M, Collection 2000 and Seventeen (R.I.P)
  • Jane Norman bags – if you didn’t carry your PE kit in a Jane Norman bag, well, you just weren’t cool
  • Disney Channel – you know, back when the shows were GOOD; I’m talking Hannah Montana, High School Musical and Camp Rock
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S, walkmans, impulse body spray, re-decorating your Converse with marker pen, flared jeans and cami tops – there are so many things!

Whilst some of these nostalgic memories have died forever (and probably for good reason – whoever thought wearing concealer on your lips was a good idea?) other things have come round full circle. One of those things is the Spice Girls. This week, people have been travelling to their nearest arena donned in leopard print cat-suits and union jack dresses to go and see the girl group that shaped their teenage years.

This week, Walkers have released a brand new ad featuring the gang, who are on the lookout for their Best Ever Fan. In recent weeks, social media users have been asked to submit their reasons (videos very much welcomed) as to why they should be crowned the Spice Girls’ Best Ever Fan. The winner will receive four VIP Spice Girls tickets!

(This competition is now closed)

In the ad, the girls head on over to the home of their supposed Best Ever Fan. Dev’s house is a shrine to the girl band, with framed photos and memorabilia over the walls. But why do the girls screech away from the scene with their VIP ticket still in their hands? Watch now to find out.

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