3 films to go and watch at the Cinema this June

The cinema used to be quite the luxury trip out when I was a kid. But now, with deals like Meerkat movies and free popcorn on your next visit, you can go to the silver screen and still be savvy.

Plus, it’s no longer frowned upon to take your own snacks – hello 99p cup pick ‘n’ mix. Oh, that free popcorn thing? Head over to Vue’s site and review your most recent visit, and they’ll send you a code for free popcorn the next time you buy a drink.

Cinema tickets seem expensive, however the seats and screens are way more luxe than they were when I was younger.

Vue is probably my favourite cinema experience, with reclining chairs and adjustable tables. They’re always my first choice, however, I’m partial to a Cineworld trip, too.

In May, there were so many fabulous films on at the big screen. I just couldn’t wait for them to go on Netflix or Sky Cinema. Instead, I’ve taken a few trips out with the girls and Jake to watch some amazing new releases.

These are the films I think you need to see this June!


Initially released in the 1940s, this Disney classic has been remade by none other than Tim Burton. The big-eared baby elephant we all know and love has been re-envisioned and is cuter than ever. What I love about really old Disney remakes, particularly of the ‘less mainstream’ films like Dumbo, is that you have almost forgotten the storyline. The 2019 remake floods back childhood memories and you really do feel like a kid again watching it. It’s somewhat dark, but I would expect nothing less from Burton. Afterall, most Disney films have a dark side that you only notice when you’re older.

The recreation adapts and lengthens the original story, showing what happens when the Medici circus is bought out. Danny DeVito plays a brilliant part as the ringleader and is spectacular when everything goes up in flames – literally.


Princess Jasmine was always one of my favourite Disney Princesses. I’ve always preferred the animal based Disney films, and didn’t care much for the Princesses. Princess Jasmine is different though, and the live action remake depicts her as even more badass, independent and determined than the 1992 version. She is certainly an empowering female role model for the new generation of Disney lovers, like my four-year-old niece who thinks she’s amazing.

Initially, I thought there was too much music in the new film; but actually, you can’t help but dance to classics like Friend Like Me and Prince Ali (handsome is he, Ali Ababwa). And speaking of Friend Like Me, Robin Williams left behind some big boots (and an iddy biddy living space) to fill, but Will Smith was absolutely perfect for the role, and leaves a big impact.

I still hate Jafar. He is my most loathed Disney villian.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

How has it been three years since The Secret Life of Pets came out? In 2016 we all fell in love with a gang of cats, dogs, hamsters and bunny. In 2016, my ‘hangover’ film was released. When I’m feeling rubbish I just love to stick The Secret Life of Pets on and watch it with my dogs. It’s also featured at a few girly wine nights.

When I saw that a sequel was being released I squealed. In the first movie, Max’s family grew when they bought home second rescue dog Duke. Now, their family is even larger with the arrival of Katie’s new partner, and baby Liam. Max’s newfound purpose in life is to protect baby Liam, but truth is, he’s a bit of a scaredy cat. In the new movie, we meet fresh faces like Rooster (who is in fact a dog, not a rooster), as well as crazy cat lady. Chloe is still fat and indifferent, and has to teach Gidgit, who is still very much obsessed with Max, to behave like a cat. And of course she helps save the day as usual!


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