Nails by Annabel – take a peek inside Staffordshire’s most Instagrammable nail salon

You wouldn’t find a full-size white stallion unicorn with pink hair, a horn covered in swarovski crystals and adorned with flowers in any old nail salon. This is Nails by Annabel.

The 5,000 square foot salon dominates Lower Street in Newcastle-under-Lyme – you really can’t miss it. The whole side of the building is pink and covered in flowers – much like the rest of the salon.

As you step through the doors into the salon, it’s like walking into something between Barbie’s kitchen and an enchanted fairytale. There is something instagram-worthy at every turn. The bathroom features a floral ceiling with a golden swan as the tap – it’s extra – but that’s Annabel.

Absolutely everything has been thought of, from floor to ceiling there is nothing that doesn’t make your jaw drop.

I went to go and get my nails done for graduation back in July, and the whole experience was simply mesmerising.

I booked in with Chelsie, one of the techs who has trained with Annabel. There is something sprayed gold or sprinkled with glitter in every corner – I sat at the pink marble resin nail bar and admired the decor. Whilst waiting for your appointment you can relax in the bird cage booth surrounded by life-size trees. There is also a pink feather tree, a metallic peacock and a floral archway to take photos with.

Chelsie completed my acrylic set using all Glitterbel’s products – Annabel’s very own product line. She used acrylic tips, Glitterbel’s acrylic powder and gel polish as well as the no-wipe topcoat. Annabel also has a range of crystals that are very popular with clients. Her social media following grew dramatically after a huge nail account reposted one of her sets covered in crystals. She now has hundreds and thousands of followers across Instagram and Facebook.

Annabel is known for her extravagant sets, which are incredibly popular on her accounts, where she also posts mini nail art tutorials for her followers to master.

For my nails I went for an abstract look matching the colours in the dress that I was wearing to graduation. They lasted for four weeks, enduring graduation, a festival and brewing my own beer without lifting or chipping. That’s a record for my claws!

Chelsie photographed my nails for insta beside the floral archway, which leads you into the in-salon store full of Glitterbel’s. Here clients can buy their favourite gel shades, and techs can purchase fresh powders and products. There is even an arcade grabber machine for you to try your luck at.

Beyond the beauty of the front-of-house salon, there is also a distribution centre for Glitterbel’s, and a training room where Annabel holds weekly courses for aspiring nail techs, or those more experienced that want to learn new techniques.

Nails by Annabel is definitely putting Newcastle-under-Lyme on the map, and it was certainly something the area was missing. It wouldn’t look amiss somewhere like London or Brighton, but instead, it’s here in Staffordshire!

Take a peek inside the studio and here from Annabel and Chelsie here:


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