My Top 7 Places to Eat in Newquay

We’ve been coming to Cornwall for 21 years, more specifically, Newquay. It means we’ve been able to have our fair share of meals out and snacks, and can tell you where’s hot, where’s not, where’s blooming expensive and where the cheapest brunch is (FYI, it’s still probably Wetherspoons.)

We like to try somewhere different every day if we are eating out, which means we get to sample a whole range of dishes in a little over a week.

Here are my favourite places to grab a bite to eat in Newquay, whether it’s a sweet treat or a filling meal to fuel you for a day on the beach.

Rebellion Roast House and Moonshine Bar

This bar has only been at the top on Great Western Beach for a little over a year. Last year we headed there for cocktails (they did an awesome Moonshine Zombie), so this year we checked it out for food.

Rebellion features ambient, rustic décor – mostly wooden – with a few low sofas adorned with faux fur throws. It’s cosy, and can easily take you from daytime dining to evening cocktails.

Most of us ordered stacks from their main menus, which is a little bit of a twist on a burger. Mine featured 12 hour slow roasted pork with streaky bacon and Monterey jack cheese and BBQ sauce (£12.50). I also added a side of Moonshine onion rings (£4.00), which were the best things I’ve ever tasted. I couldn’t stop mmm-ing as I licked the grease and salt off my fingers.

The bar also do small plates and sandwiches, which are great for lunch. Mum ordered a small plate of Cornish Moonshine Mussels (£7.00) which was a huge portion for the price. You will expect to pay £14-16 for mussels in Newquay.

The Stable Pizzeria

I love the Stable, and try to visit every year. At the top of Fistral Beach, it’s a great place to relax after a surf or lounging on the beach. It’s laidback vibes are typical of the Cornish lifestyle, and you can wander in barefoot with sandy toes and no-one bats an eyelid.

Its huge floor to ceiling windows provide a gorgeous view of the sea, which is particularly spectacular at sunset.

This year I ordered The Quay Cuatro pizza (£11.50), garlic aioli (£1.00) and half a rhubarb and custard cider from their extensive cider menu.

Their authentic stonebaked pizzas had me ‘meerkat-ing’ as stableheads took them past me to their respective tables. When mine hit the table, I audibly gasped (and drooled).

The four cheese pizza featured smoked cheddar, Cornish blue, cider washed keltic gold and aged cheddar on tomato sauce and a thin, crispy base. I’m salivating just thinking about it. I can hand on my heart say it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had, so if you’re thinking of ordering a Domino’s – don’t. You have to go here.

The Fort Inn

We have dined at The Fort every year for as long as I can remember. It’s part of the St Austell’s Ales group, and their outdoor seating area overlooks Newquay harbour. Their menu is relatively small, but filled with your typical pub grub like steak and ale pies and lasagne.

It’s also got mussels (which mum orders every time), as well as a couple more seafood options, being practically on the harbour and all.

I ordered The Chicken New Yorker (£12.50) which was a grilled chicken breast smothered in cheese, topped with bacon and BBQ sauce with chips. Most mains are around the £12.50 mark, with the most expensive dish being a £16.00 rump steak.

Simple food, done well with free WiFi and great views at your typical pub prices. It’s always our safe option if we can’t decide where to eat and want to be guaranteed decent grub.

Concho Lounge

There are various Lounges up and down the country, from Albero Lounge in Bedford to Zorro Lounge in Sheffield.

Back in Stoke we have Cappello Lounge, which is one of my favourite places to brunch or grab a sherbet lemonade in the beer garden. Newquay has Concho Lounge, which feels like a home away from home when I spend so much time in Cappello’s.

Low cosy armchairs and vintage lampshades; mismatched photo frames and 60s wallpaper akin to my great grandma’s living room.

Their triple stacked buttermilk pancakes (£6.75) are always a go-to, but equally, they do a banging full-English (£7.75). Their menu is really varied, with a range of burgers, paninis, tapas and mouthwatering desserts.

My pancakes came with three rashers of bacon, drowning in maple syrup, with a poached egg on the side.

We tend to sit here for a drink if we are early for the bus, as the station is right next door. You can watch your bus arrive and slip out of the side gate to catch it.

The Headland Hotel

The most expensive venue on the list, but a brilliant splurge if you’re feeling spendy. The Headland Hotel is at the very top of Fistral Beach.

The Grade II listed building opened in 1900, and has featured in the film The Witches, by Roald Dahl.

Last year we headed over for lunch on the terrace, but when we called to book this year, the restaurant was only open to residents as it was busy. You have to book in, but the sun to sea views are worth it.

You will expect to pay between £15-20 for a main meal, so it is certainly pricier, but you can feel like royalty strolling through the corridors and past drawing rooms. They use Elemis hand wash in the toilets – it’s blooming posh.

ChouKette patisserie 

This French patisserie sells the most mouth-watering desserts, but I’ve fallen in love with their macrons.

They’re £1.20 per tasty treat, or £6 for 6 (so you bet I bought 12).

Flavours included salted caramel, vanilla, strawberry and marshmallow and chocolate, but they also sell pistachio, raspberry, blueberry and passion fruit.

I was always under the impression that macarons tasted of coconut, but I was getting confused with little biscuity macaroons. I’ve avoided them so long because the thought of accidentally eating a bounty makes me gag, but I’ve been missing out on a delicious dessert this whole time. See you next year for more yummy treats ChouKette!

Brew and Tattoo

Now, I love a tattoo – and I love a cup of tea. This cafe/tattoo shop combo is the coolest addition to Newquay’s main high street, and such a great business idea.

Having a coffee shop below the parlour helps take the nerves off waiting for your new ink, as you can sit and sip whilst you wait. Plus, your friends/family can sit back with a latte and slice of cake whilst you get inked.

Although none of us got a £30 flash tattoo (though I was tempted by a little lightning bolt) we did grab some takeaway teas and hot chocolates.

We waited on one of the comfy leather sofas besides armchairs upholstered with coffee bean bags, surrounded by house plants and the resident parakeet.

This is a great spot to sit and watch the world go by whilst listening to the buzz of the tattoo gun.


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