Twinnies Bake brownies posted direct to your door

Having food delivered to your door is incredible isn’t it? From phoning your Chinese takeaway in, or UberEat-ing a McDonalds to your front room. Postal food is blooming brilliant – revolutionary, even – postal desserts are even better.

What’s better than freshly baked brownes? Not much, let me tell you that. However, it’s pretty great when you haven’t had to bake them yourself or leave the house.

Twinnies Bake is a home baking business based in Kent, selling gooey triple chocolate brownies in a million flavours. Twins Della and Maria set up the baking biz just over a year ago, and have recently launched their postal service, where their treats can be delivered anywhere in the UK!

The box contained six mouth-watering brownies in different flavours. You get to choose the flavours that get sent to you, but the girls surprised me. I love anything smothered in chocolate!

I received two chocolate orange brownies, a Kinder Bueno brownie, a Chocolate Oreo brownie and two triple chocolate brownies with Crunchie and Galaxy Caramel toppings. Are you drooling yet?

I immediately tucked into the Oreo brownie, which featured two mini Oreo’s on top with white chocolate and chunks of chocolate inside! I also loved the Chocolate Orange brownies, as they remind me of Christmas, since I always get a chocolate orange in my Christmas stocking.

My all-time favourite flavour had to be the Kinder Bueno one though. Bueno’s are my favourite chocolate bar, so this came as no surprise to me! I heated it up in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds, then drizzled double cream over it.

The brownies are so rich and chocolatey (obvs), I loved to cut each one into bite-size pieces (6-8 per brownie) and offer them around or keep sneaking into the kitchen to scoff another from the fridge. They’re great for whacking on a plate in snack sized chunks to offer around the family when you all sit down for a brew. They go down so well because they are so expertly made – these aren’t anything you can find in the supermarket.

The boxes come in at £12 plus £3 postage, which is a really affordable price.

Here are a few reasons to buy a brownie box:

-birthday present for someone who lives a little further away

-a gift for a student that just moved into their uni house/halls

-you’ve planned a film night with the girls and need cinema snacks

-seasonal events such as Christmas parties, Halloween

-an anniversary/date night

Della and Maria at Twinnies Bake need five days’ notice for postal orders to get them made and to your door (or whoever’s door you choose to send them!)


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