What is brow lamination? Vlogging my first experience with Rebecca Lawson beauty

There was HD brows, ombre brows and microblading – but now, a new trend has taken over the ‘gram and it’s the first I’ve got on board with – Brow Lamination.

I find many beauty treatments come with a hefty price tag, and I’m more willing to pay some than others. I love getting my nails done at Bear Paws, or my hair treatments at ALTAR – but when it comes to lashes or brows, I’m more reluctant to spend.

My brows are pretty sacred to me – I love big, bold and fluffy brows and often used Natural Collection brow gel and Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow to achieve a darker and more ‘extra’ look.

However, when I heard about brow lamination I was really intrigued. I’d seen some amazing before and afters on the Instagram hashtag, but wanted to see a few more people have it done in real life before I took the plunge.

My friend Anya went to get hers done alongside an LVL lash lift, and I was sold. I booked in with the same beautician – Rebecca Lawson – and awaited my brand new brows.

My treatment cost just £25, which is probably below the average price for brow lamination, so I felt like I was getting a great deal, too.

My brow issues are that they’re pale, bushy and a little unruly. I’d pondered microblading, but wanted something less permanent.

It fills in the gaps and makes all of your hairs stand just the way you want them to achieve thicker, fuller looking brows that you didn’t know were hiding on your face all along.

Step one is painting a lifting cream onto your brows, which makes them more malleable and flexible to comb into a new shape. It’s essentially a perm for your brows, but making them straighter. Once the brows are brushed into their new place, a kind of setting lotion is applied to keep them there. Generally, brow lamination can last up to six weeks!

A tint and wax was included in the package, so Rebecca gave me a darker brow and waxed them into my preferred shape. The whole process took around 30-45 minutes (but we did chat, a lot!) so it’s actually super quick!

It’s amazing to not have to draw them on for work each morning, and my Anastasia Beverly Hill dipbrow can take a backseat for a while.

In terms of aftercare, I avoided getting them wet for 24 hours, brushed them regularly and moisturised them with coconut oil or whichever cream I was putting on at the time.

I adore my new brows and have received so many compliments – I guess that’s another beauty treatment I’m going to become addicted to!

You can watch me get my treatment done below – and hear more from Rebecca on how it works!


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