My Dermalogica Winter Skin Routine – Blogmas day 4

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Ever get to winter and your skin doesn’t know what’s hit it? It spent its summer months soaking up the vitamin D and clearing your acne, then BAM – it’s October and the second head(s) on your face start sticking middle fingers up at you.

I’m guilty of not sticking to a strict skincare routine in the week, and will do a half-hearted makeup removal and cleanse. I do try to do a full routine at least at the weekend in an attempt to self-care, though.

I like to mix up my skincare so that my skin doesn’t get ‘used’ to a product and build a tolerance to it when it comes to dispelling spots and blemishes. However, when I feel it slipping and starting to go downhill – the whole Dermalogica works comes out.

This is my full Dermalogica skincare routine with some of my all-time favourite products to keep my skin clear during the winter months.

Dermalogica Precleanse

I could not be without this product. It is by far my Holy Grail beauty product and would be one to take on a desert island with me.

This is the one product I stick to using religiously as it melts away my makeup and feels like an at-home luxury facial. You can see in my IGTV video how my Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow brows melt away in an instant – and it even removes waterproof mascara in a flash.

It’s not often I really rave about a product – I like a lot of skincare and beauty products, but there are few I love. Precleanse takes the number one top spot for me and I seriously urge you all to try it because your lives will never be the same. It isn’t too late to put it on your wish list.

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Cleanser

Step two is my second cleanser – which I switch up between the Intensive Moisture Cleanser and Special Cleansing Gel depending on how my skin is feeling.

It nourishes dry skin – which is much needed in those winter months when my skin is feeling flaky and dull.

With citrusy fragrance, the two cleansers are uplifting and leave me feeling refreshed and ready.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Dry skin is a pain in winter – particularly during flu season if you’re unlucky enough to catch a cold. To combat the dry skin I get on my nose, I use the Daily Microfoliant powder. I shake around half a teaspoon of powder onto the palm of my hand, and add water to make a paste.

I use the scrub to exfoliate my T-zone and chin, where I suffer worst with blackheads due to excess sebum and oils.

Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel

This teeny tiny tube really packs a punch. On the Dermalogica site, you can buy 10 of these tubes for £79. You’re supposed to use a tube per application, but you can get two or three out of them.

As a kick-start, you should use them every day for three days, then once a week. This means 10 tubes could potentially last you 28 weeks. It’s a little pricy for me even at that, so would likely use a cheaper alternative peel – but there is no denying how good they are. It is only the price tag that puts me off.

I massage the clear gel all over my face, and leave it to activate for five. You can feel it working, but not too intensely, as I’m not a fan of products that make my face tingle. Once complete, wash with cold water.

The chemical peel reveals the brighter skin beneath the dull surface and makes you glow.

Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence

As you can imagine, the peel can cause a bit of redness – as can my acne. That’s why I like to use the Redness Relief Essence to combat that pigment.

It’s a toner-serum hybrid that is cooling, soothing and helps balance the redness in my skin.

Nightly Lip Treatment

Chapped lips are a big no-no for when you want to wear that festive red lippy. I really have to look after my lips in winter, with religious scrubbing and moisturising.

The Nightly Lip Treatment has some awesome anti-aging properties and is packed full of nourishing Shea Butter.

I adore the applicator, which is super smooth and acts a little like an eye-rollerball or jade roller for your lips. Whilst it doesn’t actually move, it has similar qualities and benefits.

Not only does it hydrate lips, but you can use the wand to help reduce fine lines around the mouth area – so say goodbye to wrinkles!

Skin Smoothing Cream and Barrier Defence Booster

To finish my routine, I have a bit of a double whammy moisturiser. The smoothing cream lives up to its name and leaves my skin feeling silky and non-greasy.

Recently, I’ve been adding five drops of the Barrier Defence Booster to my moisturiser – which is praised to work for sensitive skin, too. It’s said to reinforce barrier integrity for future irritation.

Watch my IGTV video to watch the routine in action!



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