Decorating my Christmas Tree with Monica Geller (mum) – Blogmas day 9

My mum is Monica Geller embodied. In my 21 (nearly 22) years of living, I’ve only ever been allowed to touch the Christmas tree to put the angel on top – which, to be fair, she would rearrange after anyway.

This year she reluctantly agreed to let me help decorate the tree in the name of blogmas.

This year, we’ve bought a new, slimmer tree as the other took up too much space. The dogs would batter it doing the zoomies, so we all agreed a slightly smaller tree would be safer for everyone. Phoebe pulled it over after about 20 minutes last year.

We are hoping to make Christmas Wreaths out of the old tree!

We put the tree up on November 23, to get the dogs used to it being there before we decorated it. We’ve also taken extra special tree safety measures and made protection out of two washing maids and some chicken wire that we secure around the tree whilst we are out.

We decorated the tree on November 30 – but mum made a start on the ‘boring’ part, affixing the lights and some ribbon. She cuts two to three foot of two different types of ribbon and attaches them to the tree in diagonal arches using floristry wire. After what felt like a gazillion light years, we finally took a look at what baubles we had and organised them.

A lot of our baubles are from B&M, Home Bargains or Matalan, and are mostly silver, white or glass. Mum wanted to go for a slightly ‘American’ theme, so this year picked up some white faux flowers and sequins to add to the collection.

We started off filling large gaps with big silver or glittered baubles before cracking out the ‘special baubles. Once we were happy we filled spaces using flowers, sequins and silver glittered butterflies.  Meanwhile, Frank stole and ate three baubles.

Don’t get me wrong, whilst mum let me help, she still rearranged a lot – but I think we’re all happy with the final outcome!

Watch my little vlog to see how we got on with the Christmas Tree (mostly me eating and dancing to the Christmas playlist, tbh).



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