StylPro: the brush cleaner and dryer that changed my life

Cleaning my makeup brushes was my least favourite chore. It took forever to wash the product residue from each and every brush over the sink. My hands would be caked in foundations older than I’d like to publicly admit, and the state of the sink was’t worth the headache my dad would give me for it.

I tried numerous different ways of drying my brushes, from hair dryers to hanging them one by one on the towel rack. But whatever I did, the brushes were never really really clean, and would never fully dry, leaving behind a horrific damp smell and a host for bacteria.

It almost felt counterproductive. I’d wash my makeup brushes to prevent getting spots, and end up with more from not-quite-clean brushes.

For my birthday, my brother and Mel brought me the StylPro makeup brush cleaner and dryer.

I used a sachet of the Stylpro brush cleaning solution, which looks like barely anything, but a little goes a long way.

Inside the box you get the bowl, lid, solution, the electronic stick and rubber applicators to fit each brush.

I gathered my dirty brushes, and I recommend putting them in size order by thickness. That way you won’t find yourself constantly swapping the rubber applicators between brushes.

After finding the best suited rubber tube, attach it to the electronic Stylpro pen. I dipped each brush in the solution a three or four times before pressing the button and allowing the brush to spin inside the bowl. After about 10 seconds, lift the brush out of the solution and continue to let it spin in the bowl. Once you’re done, stop the StylPro and pull out the brush, which will be a colour you can never recall it being (usually white) and completely dry. I was completely speechless the first time I used it, I expected the brushes to at least be damp.

Bigger brushes with longer bristles, like powder brushes, are slightly harder to use in the StylPro, but it can be done. It’s absolutely amazing for shadow brushes and those of a similar size, and I could have my brushes washed and dried in 30 minutes rather than three blooming hours!

The best of it is that my brushes are probably cleaner now than they  were when I bought them. They’re better than new! It was so much less stressful and I wasn’t constantly panicking about destroying the bristles or the glue coming away from the brush.

You can buy the StylPro brush cleaner and dryer here andwatch the StylPro in action over on IGTV!


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