#ThriftyFashion: styling my 70s vintage suede midi skirt

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Remember this vintage suede skirt I bought from El Hobo in summer? It’s been sitting in my wardrobe with the tags on waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it.

How daft does that sound? When you’re waiting for the ‘perfect’ day, the perfect day will never come. The second I realised that I didn’t need some sort of ‘occasion’ to wear the skirt, I pulled it off the hanger and slipped it on quicker than you could say ‘vintage’.

I decided to wear the 70s real suede midi skirt for a trip out to Leek for the Totally Locally market. After all, Leek is quite a quaint town with a vintage vibe – so why not?

The skirt is quite heavy due to the material, but you can really feel the quality in it. For 50 years old, it’s been very well looked after, and I’m proud I get to love it a little longer. Why should vintage sit in the wardrobe unworn? It’s lasted this long, and it’s likely to last longer than 90% of your wardrobe. Wear it, take care of it, and hey, if you fall out of love with it, pass it on to a new loving home. Staffordshire-based vintage lovers, I recommend buying from, or taking your pre-loved vintage to Sparrowhawk, in Newcastle.

What I love about vintage is that you are still able to mix and match it with modern pieces and trends.

For a frosty February morning, I wore the midi skirt with my Luxe Volition white jumper*. This has a really unusual neckline which I think is very stylish. I could have equally worn a simple black rollneck, but the jumper was far warmer. Tucking it in cinched my silhouette at the waist, as the sleeves are ballooned and the skirt is also quite floaty.

I wore my chunky heeled snake print boots – which I bagged in the Topshop boxing day sale. These were £18 and are a gorgeous orange/tan shade which beautifully complimented the skirt.

Lastly, I accessorised with me Audrey + George clay earrings which I picked up from the Manchester Craft and Flea market the other week for £10. The feature a grey ‘rainbow’ shape attached to an orange circle, which I will be able to wear with a large percentage of my wardrobe. I’d love to get a more ‘wacky’ pair of their designs too – so I’ll be keeping my eye on their online store.


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