8 Products to help you get a good night’s sleep when anxiety strikes

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The past few weeks have sent my body clock out of the window. And the problem with sleep routines, is that once they’re broken, they’re difficult to get back.

Anxiety is playing a large part in my late nights and restless sleep (though TikTok has a supporting role in the late nights). I had been getting out of bed well past 11am, losing half of my day. Nothing drives me more insane than wasting a day in bed, but sometimes mental health and the exhaustion of worry prevails. I knew I couldn’t let the stress and panic of coronavirus eat away at me – it’s already keeping me prisoner in my own home – I don’t need it to confine me to just my bed.

So here are eight products that I use when trying to get an early night and a good nights’ rest. Having some form of routine in itself can be relaxing and help with anxiety. Set the atmosphere with dimmed lights and aromatherapy, and get ready to drift into a dreamless, relaxed sleep.

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Feather and Down Pillow spray

I love a pillow spray, and have a few different brands – but I always reach for this one. The Feather and Down Sweet Dreams pillow spray is a gorgeous infusion of lavender and chamomile to aid relaxation. The addition of chamomile ensures that the lavender isn’t overpowering, providing a spa-like scent for tranquillity and calm.

The spray is free from parabens, sulphates and minerals, meaning I’m more than happy to rub my face up against it without worrying.

Just spritz the spray over your pillow cover from about two to three feet away. I like to do it about half an hour before going to bed so that the fragrance settles before I snuggle in.

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon*

This gel moisturiser is super dreamy, packed with lavender, sandalwood and patchouli. I like to apply it after my usual skincare routine before using a quartz facial roller to relax the muscles in my face. The Sleep Cocoon is said to promote restful, regenerative sleep and works it’s magic overnight to help your skin look brighter.

Dermalogica have a few great tips for a good nights’ sleep:

  • Turn off electronics and dim lights 30 minutes before bed
  • Have the room slightly cool
  • Avid alcohol, sugar and caffeine before bed
  • Breathe deeply
  • Keep a routine in terms of when you go to bed and wake up

This Works Stress Check Roll On

I love that this product isn’t one where lavender is the main fragrance. Instead, it uses other calming and relaxing pure essential oils like coconut, eucalyptus and frankincense.

Eucalyptus is one of my favourite scents, and I have a few dried stems that give off a gorgeous waft of fragrance. Frankincense is an antiseptic and fights infections, and of course, lavender helps with nervous tension and insomnia.

This Stress Check roll on is great for putting on wrists at any time of the day when that pang of anxiety strikes, but I love to use it before bed. It’s great for clearing my head and reminding me to slow down.

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

Everyone with sleep issues has raved about this product in reviews. It’s currently sold-out online, and is one of Lush’s best-sellers.

I like to keep on top of moisturising my skin, and Sleepy is super silky and feels great. It has 27 ingredients, 19 of which are entirely natural like oat milk, almond oil and fair trade cocoa butter.

It’s a stunning scent, with ‘balancing and calming’ lavender, ‘sweetly scented’ tonka, and one of my favourite scents – Ylang Ylang.

Lush suggest: “Blanket your body in this lovely lotion before stepping into soft pyjamas for snuggly nights beside the fire.”

Burt’s Bees Lavender and Honey hand cream

My hands are in desperate need of regular moisturising due to washing them so frequently. This Burt’s Bees cream is such a fab fragrance for night time. It feels very luxe, featuring shea butter and pumpkin seed oil.

The formula is non-greasy, and give off a light scent to inhale deeply as I drift off. This is a definite bedside table staple.

It’s dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic, as well as free from parabens and synthetic fragrances.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I’ve been using a salt lamp for around five years now. I found it to be helpful for seasonal affective disorder, as well as creating a calming atmosphere in my bedroom.

They are said to purify the air, improve blood flow, reduce stress and improve sleep. They are a ‘no blue light’ source, as it’s scientifically proven that blue light emitted by screens makes it more difficult to sleep.

Silk Eye Mask

Perfect for the summer months when it’s light nights and even lighter mornings. I like to use silk eye masks as I find them more comfortable – if I remember rightly, this one is from Home Bargains. These block out light in the room to help you sleep better. That light doesn’t necessarily mean natural light either, things like extension cables, TV standby button, or phone notifications popping up can all be sleep distractions.

Silk scrunchies

I always sleep with my hair tied up as it’s long. If I didn’t, I’d likely strangle myself. I’ve recently discovered that silk scrunchies are super easy on my hair, and don’t cause pesky bobble marks. They are far less likely to damage my hair, and keep it safely out of the way without puling on my scalp or causing tension.


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