Gift Guide: The presents your dad *actually* wants for Father’s Day

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I’m grateful that my dad is incredibly easy to buy for. It makes Father’s Day, Christmas and Birthdays far easier. He’s a creature of habit and has a list of David Bowie studio and live albums that he doesn’t yet own. I inherited his love of Bowie, and have no qualms with adding to the ever-growing collection of alphabetically and date-release ordered discs.

However, I know that men can be difficult to buy for. That’s why I wrote The Secret To Buying for Boys – a formula that works every time. Based on said formula, here are a couple of gifts that your dad will love. Trust me, I’ve tried and tested with my own dad – the Noveltea and aftershave went down an absolute treat.

Leiho Bamboo Socks*

At Christmas, ask any lad what they want. They’ll ponder for about 0.2 seconds and go – ‘nothing really – socks… pants?’

Leiho bamboo socks are super soft and come in white, blue and orange with smiley face patterns. Leiho means ‘how are you’ in Cantonese, which is such a beautiful sentiment at the moment. Mental Health Awareness week recently passed, and this year, Father’s Day has fallen in a period of lockdown where checking in on loved ones is an absolute must.

Bamboo socks are soft and luxurious, and for each pair bought, Leiho usually donate a pair to a homeless person, seeing as socks are the most requested item of clothing in homeless shelters. During the coronavirus crisis, instead of gifting socks, Leiho are providing four meals per pair of socks sold, to ensure vulnerable families survive the pandemic.  Leiho socks are a gift and act of kindness all in one!

Cardology Pop Up Card*

I’ve always found cards a little pointless, and forget to buy them a lot of the time. I argue that they always end up in the bin anyway, and usually aren’t environmentally friendly.

That’s where Cardology come in and save the day with their beautifully crafted keepsake cards. Their pop-up designs are gifts in themselves.

I ordered dad the Aston Martin version – his dream car. And since he’s having to suffice with the Vauxhall Vectra, then this miniature card version will have to do! There are a tonne of different cards for different hobbies, interests and occasions, so you’ll be sure to find one that relates to the recipient.

Cardology say their products are a great card for weddings to put vouchers in, or for your besties new baby. In lockdown, you could choose to support a local business and buy a voucher with the promise of taking your dad out for some food when life resumes as normal. Popping it in a Cardology card will certainly make it memorable.

The brand also support causes like Woodland Trust and Age UK, with 10% of sales going to charities.

Personalised Papier Notebook

In my house, you can never be more than six feet away from a Papier notebook. After Christmas I went on a giant stationery haul and ordered a tonne of personalised notebooks and planners for both myself and gifts.

There are some more masculine designs on the site, and decided to order my dad a 2020 diary at the start of the year. Online now, there are some mid-year diaries that start in July, so perfect for Father’s day just over a week before. You can also order photobooks and notebooks, which make equally lovely gifts with that personal touch.

Dermalogica Active Clay Cleanser*

This is one of my favourite oily skin products to use as part of a double cleanse routine. Men want something quick, easy and not ‘girly’, which is why it’s such a fab product. The clay and charcoal creates a black cleanser which purifies, draws out toxins and helps prevent oily skin. This is a product my dad would use to protect his skin and wouldn’t look out of place in his cupboard.

Noveltea Oolong Tea with Scotch Whisky*

For me, Noveltea are such an exciting brand, being the first alcoholic tea brand in the UK. The brand takes two of Brit’s favourite things and bowls them into one – tea and booze.

This particular bottle pairs artisan Oolong tea with mango, honey and scotch whisky. What’s really interesting is that it can be served hot or cold! Either serve over ice, or heat in the microwave. As well as making a delicious nightcap that my dad loves, I think it would be a great cold remedy – a bit like a hot toddy!

There are varying sized bottles starting at £9.95, or you could opt for a gift set with multiple bottles or a glass teapot to serve in!

The Famous Grouse Truffle Chocolate Bar

Need I say much about this one? This bar of whisky truffle chocolate was around £1 in Home Bargains, and makes a fabulous little ‘something extra’. Certainly compliments the Noveltea Oolong tea with Whisky!

Perfumer’s Choice No10 Mojo*

Perfumer’s Choice are an incredibly affordable British fragrance brand stocked exclusively at Superdrug. No10 Mojo is one of their latest releases which is a lovely woody scent. My dad loved it as soon as he sprayed it.

There are touches of rosewood, cardamom, amber and tonka bean, which create a light but masculine aftershave scent.

The large 83ml bottles are just £16, but you could opt for a smaller 50ml bottle for £9.50!

Wood and Ink A-Z Musician’s Print*

As I mentioned before, Dad and I are huge Bowie fans. We have a music wall in our home dedicated to our favourite artists, and this pointillism print sits pride of place in the hallway.

Artist Mark at Wood and Ink is currently working on an A-Z or Rock ‘n’ Roll icons collection, with each letter of the alphabet being represented by iconic musicians like Debbie Harry, the Gallagher brothers and Elton John. There are currently 16 letters of the alphabet represented, with 10 more letters to fill.

If music isn’t your dads thing, there are also a number of limited edition prints, including a 3D skull and a rattlesnake.

Prints start at £8, and discount codes are regularly posted on their social media, so keep your eyes peeled.

TX-40 Gioteck Stereo Headset*

These are the headphones that I use regularly for editing videos, and can fully vouch for their quality. The sound quality is brilliant, and they cancel outside noise out really well. The ear cushioning is comfortable and a great size.

My dad watches a lot of TV series on his tablet, listens to music and plays X-box. A Gioteck Stereo Headset would be ideal if your dad is anything like mine. If plugging into an X-Box controller, it would mean he would be able to hear the game, but not communicate with other gamers. But, they’re idea for if Dad wants to play his game whilst me and mum are on a virtual pub quiz with friends, as there’s no gunfire shots in the background!

The copper detailing makes them super stylish, and they adjust to fit different people easily. They’re currently on sale for £16.99 in Argos, originally £34.99!



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