5 gorgeous bouquets that have brightened my home during lockdown

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Flowers are strongly linked to well-being, and having bouquets of blooms in the house has really lifted my spirits in the past few weeks.

In the bizarre turn of events that is 2020, we’ve all been forced to spend more time in our own homes. And as a result, I’ve found myself bringing more of the outside in. Whether I’ve been planting herbs, nurturing Brie-anne (my cheese plant), or arranging flowers, I’ve found great joy in nature.

Similarly, having spent more time in the house, we’ve found new jobs to do. The stairs have been painted, a new bookcase upcycled and a dining table added to the front room. I mention this, because the dining table has become our favourite spot for a bunch of blooms. After a few weeks of me placing flowers in a vase in the centre of our glass table by the window, mum had decided the place looks incomplete without them.

Here are four amazing brands where you can buy beautiful blooms to brighten your home, not just in lockdown, but all year round.

Bloom and Wild

I’ve posted so much about Bloom and Wild flowers, but I absolutely love them. About two years ago my besties introduced me to the brand after sending me a bunch of blooms. I was so excited that I got to arrange them myself, and that they lasted longer due to being sent in bud.

So many of you lovely lot have used my referral code for £10 off at Bloom and Wild that I have a bit of credit in my account. This has meant that throughout lockdown, as well as treating myself to a bunch, I’ve been able to treat friends and family too.

The bouquets from Bloom and Wild that brightened our home in lockdown was The Ruthie – sent by Jake to cheer me up. This features various roses and carnations with foliage and looks absolutely beautiful when in full bloom.

The second bunch was the Florist’s Pick, of which 15% of proceeds go to the National Emergencies Trust helping fund support for those affected by coronavirus. The Florist’s Pick changes every few weeks, but the one I got featured pink and orange roses, eucalyptus, pink carnations and some greenery.

Wilderness Floral Design*

Wilderness are a Staffordshire-based florist owned by the lovely Emily Hewitt. Since lockdown began, Em – like many others – has had to adapt her business as weddings and other special occasions got postponed. One new idea I hope will stick around is her Weekly Wild Bunch!

Emily kindly gifted me a bunch of beautiful blooms from her Weekly Wild creations. Each week, Emily is assembling a new gorgeous bouquet of flowers to deliver to customers in Staffordshire. Delivery is free for those in ST! – ST6 postcodes, and £3 beyond ST6.

The Weekly Wild is set to be a subscription based delivery service where you can get a fresh hand-tied bouquet delivered straight to your door!

The bouquet I received features delphiniums, lisianthus, ranunclus – and then the only two I can actually pronounce (and correctly spell) peonies and sweetpeas! I love that Wilderness Floral Designs are wild by name and wild by nature – I love an unruly bouquet!

White peonies paired with blue crawling sweetpeas with pink and cream blooms was an absolutely dreamy arrangement, and I’m so excited to see what creations Emily comes up with in the coming weeks! You can follow Wilderness Floral Designs on Instagram here.

Shida Preserved Flowers

As much as I love fresh blooms, they only last so long. Dried bouquets are a great way to spruce up a space and save a few quid. This Shida bunch is the Le printemps, and cost £32 – but you can gt 10% off by signing up to the newsletter.

This bunch features  fragrant lavender, fluffy bunny tails, achillea, eucalyptus and gypsophila in bright spring colours. I love the pink and mustard combo – and added some fluffy dried pampas grass to bulk it out too.

The flowers have been through a special treatment process to help them last longer. I’ve had mine for a few months and they still look beautiful. I use them a lot in blog photos, and as soon as they’ve seen better days, I’ll certainly be purchasing some more.


During lockdown I attended a virtual event with Moonpig where they showed us how to arrange one of their luxe bouquets. In this bunch of blooms was mixed peonies, roses, trachulium and salal. I’m always so fascinated by peonies as they arrive like little gold balls, and end up huge coral blooms which fade to cream.

Due to the heat, this bunch arrived looking a little bit sad, but soon perked up after a but of sugar and pruning.

The stems for this bunch were very long, so they looked great in a big tall vase. Moonpig often hold offers on their app for discount on flowers, and I’ve got my eye on the rainbow carnations – now they would brighten lockdown.

Freddie’s Flowers

Let’s play a game of guess my favourite flower! This bunch is called Seychelles Seashells and comprises of two types of peony – alertie and coral sunset. These two look totally different! I’ve had a lot of corals in the house recently, it was nice to have some alertie (my personal faves) on display. It also features stocks, solidago and agapanthus.

I arranged this in my hands as though I was going to hand-tie them. This meant I could get a really nice shape and spiral from them. The stocks and agapanthus – also known as Lily of the Nile – added a gorgeous pop of purple, which contrasted the yellow solidago and pink peonys.

Peonies don’t have a very long vase life, so as they started to have seen better days, I took them out and replaced them with some new ones from the supermarket, seeing as the rest of the stems still looked super healthy.

Freddie’s Flowers is a subscription based service – a bit like the milk man. You can arrange for bouquets to be delivered every week – every two weeks – every month – it’s totally up to you.


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