LUSH Christmas 2020 unboxing

Is there anything better than the smell of a LUSH Christmas delivery? As we headed into lockdown number 2, I treated myself to an order making a vow to make time to wind down, have a nice bath without my phone at least once a week.

Our postie delivered the parcel and thanked me for making his van smell lovely all morning . Note to self – don’t forget to order the postman a Christmas present.

After a miserable year, a LUSH Christmas haul seemed to be in order. I picked up some old favourites and new releases, adding bath bombs and bubble bars to my basket.

Here’s what I picked up and a little bit about each product, ranging from £2.95 to £7.95.

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

This is one of the most affordable products at LUSH at just £2.95, and the little hippo is small but mighty. I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas features popping candy and a raspberry fragrance, leaving your bath purple and sparkly. It features raspberry seed, almond and grapefruit oil, and makes an amazing, fruity stocking filler. It even crackles with the popping candy in the bath!

Golden Wonder

One of my all-time favourites that comes back every year is Golden Wonder. This one comes in at £5.95 and is a real treat – I usually save mine for Christmas Eve. Golden Wonder is a gold glittery present with a citrus fragrance of lime and orange, and when it fizzes away it releases bursts of colour. Finally it settles and leaves your bath a beautiful turquoise, complete with gold shimmer.

Luxury Lush Pud

The Luxury Lush Pud smells of blackcurrant and cypress oils, welcoming winter with seasonal scents. It costs £4.95 and is the perfect pink ‘pick-me-up’ bath bomb. The bath bomb is adorned with colourful polka dots and a little sprig of holly. This would be a lovely secret Santa gift or addition to a pamper hamper.

Jingle Bells

This white bathbomb decorated with a big red bow actually jingles. There are little salt crystals inside the bath bomb that rattle when you shake it, before releasing red and blue swirls into your tub. The water will turn lilac as orange oil and earth patchouli offer a spa-like fragrance and salt relaxes the muscles. Jingle Bells is definitely a Friday-night favourite to wash the week away. Jingle Bells also costs £4.95.

Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly is a monster of a bath bomb – and has three fab features for it’s £7.95 price tag. Whilst more expensive than the usual bath bombs, this one can be used for three separate baths. The bath bomb features a shell, a topper and a crumble inside, which can be used separately – or even have one spectacular bath. Smelling of lemongrass and bergamot, the crumble creates bubbles, with the holy lid fizzing away as a bath bomb. I used these two together, then used the shell in a second bath, turning the water a grinchy shade of green.

Elfie Stick

Elfie Stick is a bubble bar which smells of banana, and promises two to four bubbly tubs (I reckon five or six). This is £3.95, so the bubble bars are great value for money. I hold mine under the running hot tap to create mountains of bubbles before leaving on the soap dish to dry off.

Candy Cane

This one is my favourite bubble bar, releasing bergamot and lemon for a festively fragranced bath. This bubble bar is chunkier than Elfie Stick, and also lasts longer – but is still just £3.95! Candy Cane leaves your bath an orange shade with lots of fluffy bubbles for a relaxing soak. The bubble bars you hold under the bath are far easier to use than the crumbly ones too!


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