Everything you need to know about the Bloom and Wild mini Christmas Tree

We don’t usually put our Christmas decorations up until the last week in November, but in 2020, many of us have decided to throw out the rule book and put our tree up early.

I’d pre-ordered my Bloom and Wild miniature Christmas tree back in early October, so when it arrived on November 2, I unwrapped it like a kid at Christmas and couldn’t wait to get it up. Even with Bloom and Wild letterbox flowers, for me they’re two gifts in one – beautiful blooms, and a good half our of arranging! I still think its amazing you can fit a Christmas tree through your letterbox.

This year, there are six Bloom and Wild Christmas trees to choose from:

  • The Twinkle Tree
  • The Tiny Treats Tree
  • The Christmas Jumper Tree
  • The Advent Tree
  • The DIY Decorations Tree
  • The Colouring In Tree

I ordered The Twinkle Tree for £33 which came in the classing Bloom and Wild branded cardboard box. Inside was the free card, which can be personalised, as well as the rooted spruce, pop up pot, starry garland, lights, and two types of baubles.

To set up the tree, I popped up the blue suedette pot, which is fully lined and looks super festive. The tree – grown on a family-farm in the Netherlands – is a Nordmann Spruce and is around 44cm tall. This is a great alternative to a big tree if you’re just not feeling it this year, don’t have a lot of space, or just want to bring the spirit of Christmas into another room – like your office or bedroom.

The rooted tree has some packed together soil already in the bag, but you have to add some from the second and knead it until rounded. From here, you can roll the bag down slightly and insert into the pop-up pot. The white bag will be slightly on show, but use the moss provided to spread around the top of the pot and hide it. All that’s left to do is spruce up your spruce and decorate with yuletide accessories.

I reshaped and teased the branches before popping the batteries in the fairy lights and wrapping them around the tree. Next was the gold glitter garland made up of card baubles and stars. I clipped the biggest star to the top of the tree before wrapping from the top down. The Twinkle Tree came with three metal gold star baubles, and eight glass baubles filled with gold star glitter. I’m no Monica Geller when it comes to dressing the tree (more Phoebe Buffay) but I think it looks really sweet.

One great thing about the Twinkle Tree is that it’s sustainable and Bloom and Wild have been as eco-friendly as possible. The tree is sustainably grown and replantable – so I’m going to repot it and have it in the garden next year. The baubles are made of glass, and can absolutely be saved for next year. All of the booklets and paper wraps are all fully recyclable, and the plastic wraps are made of recycled plastic.

To care for your tree, keep it away from direct sunlight and radiators, and water it once a week. It can be replanted in multi-purpose soil and kept in a sheltered spot.

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  1. Rob
    February 6, 2022 / 1:47 pm

    Do you have any recommendations on soil to use when re-planting the mini christmas tree? Thank you

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