The Underclass – The One – single review

The One is an uplifting indie anthem about fulfilling your dreams regardless of setbacks – and it seems to be a beacon of hope in 2021.

Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, The Underclass are a five-piece band which formed in late 2018. Frontman Jorge, just 18, looks like he could be straight out of the This is England series, with the casual, nonchalant attitude to match. Their appearance on The Honey Box in December 2020 saw him lounging on the floor of the studio whilst his bandmates performed ahead of his vocals kicking in. There’s no lack of confidence here, donning a Harrington and Supergas.

Talking about the bands latest release on February 5, he said: “The One is a track about fulfilling the dream through hope, ambition and not letting anybody slow you down. The title “The One” refers to that chance of making that dream possible, what making those dreams come true means to me, and that I won’t let anyone get in my way.”

The track was recorded with Shawn Lowe, of Prism Studios, Hanley, before the Covid-19 pandemic, released a year later during the UKs third national lockdown. It’s already proven popular with fans, reaching over 3,000 Spotify streams in less than a week, and selling out the limited edition 7″ vinyl. However, you can still get your hands on a CD for £4.99, with exclusive artwork from Gas Panic Designs.

Image: Steve Sherwin

The Underclass comprises of five 18 to 20-year-old musicians from Blurton, Longton, Blythe Bridge and Dresden. Their Northern, working-class upbringings in an industrial city is evident in their looks, sound and lyrics. Stokies are notorious for grafting, and The One illustrates that The Underclass aren’t going to let anything stop them achieving their goals. 

‘The One’ is the bands fifth single release, and by far their most refined as they develop their own identity. Each release has been notably different, with some obvious influences such as Oasis, The La’s and Richard Ashcroft, which allow their singles to sit in my own playlist seamlessly. Their latest release isn’t as electric as Bring It, nor as soft as Yesterday’s People, but finds itself comfortably in the middle. Melodic and filled with hope, The One is easy-listening and reminds us there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Steady drums, jangly guitars and Gallagher-esque vocals – It’s a Sunday morning playlist number, perfect for dancing around the kitchen whilst making a cuppa to give you that motivational push. It would also make up part of a brilliant film score for movies like This Is England and Spike Island.

As well as smashing streams, the track has been picked up by This Feeling, and included in their Best New Bands playlist. Rob Adcock has given it a spin on BBC Music Introducing from Stoke, and it was also played during half time at the Stoke City match the weekend of its release.

Guitarist Matt Trevor can’t wait to perform live again when music venues are allowed to reopen. He said: “It’s forever since we’ve done a gig and we’re gutted how long it’s taking to get back to it. The industry’s getting very little help to stay alive and it’s sad to see venues all over the country struggling to keep going. We’ve got some unreal gigs lined up for when people are allowed back in venues finally.”

To celebrate the success of the release, The Underclass have launched a raffle to win a pair of Adidas Custom Underclass trainers as part of a collaboration with Sole Kitchen. Tickets cost £2 and give entrants the chance to win a pair of size 9 ‘The One’ Adidas trainers, The One CD, two Underclass coasters and a bar blade from Custom Crafts in Newcastle. 


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