Struggle to sleep? Why a weighted blanket changed my life

My relationship with sleep was a toxic one. Getting to sleep was a challenge as a result of anxiety. Staying asleep was another story. Waking up, my back would be in absolute agony from a combination of injury and tossing and turning in the night. After using my weighted blanket for just one night, I knew that this was going to be a product I could never live without.

I suffer with a sensory disorder, and because weighted blankets use something called ‘deep touch pressure’, they’re often recommended for people with autism, Asperger’s, or similar sensory-related diagnoses. I can honestly say that my Bedsure weighted blanket – which was bought as a Christmas present – has absolutely revolutionalised my bedtime routine. Having used the blanket since Christmas, I’ve noticed that I am falling asleep much earlier, staying asleep throughout the night, and waking up feeling brighter, more refreshed, and in less pain.

The Bedsure weighted blanket I have is the 6.8kg blanket. Research has suggested using a blanket that is between 7 and 12% of your bodyweight, giver or take a few kilos. The blanket has a seven-layer construction consisting of:

  1. 100% breathable cotton
  2. Microfiber layer
  3. Siliconised fiber filling
  4. Glass beads
  5. Siliconised fiber filling
  6. Microfiber layer
  7. 100% breathable cotton

The ratio of 90% glass beats and 10% microfiber filling gives the blanket its weight, which offers a sense of comfort and security, releasing calming hormones (serotonin) as you sink into the sheets. The grounding feeling of the blanket can help with reducing cortisol levels, which in turn improves blood pressure, heart rate and glucose levels. Physically, the weight of the blanket relaxes the nervous system, resulting in less tossing and turning. The gentle downforce can aid with pain relief, and I found it has reduced pain in my back. Though rest assured, it’s not heavy enough to be restrictive. The 6.8kg is evenly distributed across the surface area of the blanket, which covers my double divan bed, and is gently cocooning.

My weighted blanket feels like a big hug, or like I’ve been tucked tightly in to bed. Since using it, my night time anxiety is certainly lower, and I’m consistently getting a better night’s rest. I used to dread going up to bed in the evenings, but now I can’t wait, knowing I’ll get to wrap myself up in my Bedsure blanket! Due to stress and anxiety, I had started having quite strange dreams, which have subsequently subsided and aren’t anywhere near as frequent. I don’t ever really feel too hot with the additional layer, but in hot summer months I’ll likely just sleep with the blanket and not my duvet. For anyone struggling with sleep worries, restlessness, or broken sleep, I 100% recommend a weighted blanket to help.


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