Rhubarb negroni spritz recipe

Looking for the perfect tangy tipple to sit and sip in the sun? This tarty rhubarb negroni number should do just the trick.

In this particular recipe, I’m using the QVT dry gin from the April Craft Gin Club box. The craft gin originates from Provence, in France, and features botanicals of juniper, lavender, cardamom, lemon, rose-flower, grape and rosemary.

Also received in the Craft Gin Club box was a minature Campari, a spirit typically used in a negroni. The Italian tipple has a combination of bitter herb and fruity flavours, and pairs wonderfully with the floral, woody and light citrus notes of the QVT gin.

To add sweetness to the drink, I added a shot of my favourite Mr Fitzpatrick Rhubarb and Rosehip cordial. I used the have this with lemonade all the time at a former local bar, and it’s absolutely beautiful. The cordial is really sharp but sweet, which means there’s no need to add a sugar cane syrup to the cocktail.

Last but not least, I topped the glass with the Fentiman’s Pink Rhubarb Tonic, which helps give it its pink colour, a bit of fizz, and extra flavour. As it’s a tonic, it has that slightly bitter aftertaste which is balanced by the sweetness of the cordial, but enhances the rhubarb flavour.

You will need:

  • 50ml Gin
  • 25ml Campari
  • 25ml Mr Fitzpatrick’s Rhubarb and Rosehip cordial
  • Fentiman’s Pink Rhubarb Tonic

No shaker needed for this recipe, but you’ll likely find a bar spoon helpful. I used an old fashioned glass filled with ice, and added in my 50ml QVT gin and 25ml campari. Add in a shot of cordial and top with Fentiman’s Pink Rhubarb Tonic and stir with a bar spoon to combine before garnishing with dried fruit. I used a grapefruit slice and dried rose buds in mine, but you can use whatever you fancy – fresh rhubarb would be even better!


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