Six REFY beauty products you need to add to your makeup bag immediately

Do you love the fluffy brows, no-makeup makeup, the latest strawberry girl trend? Then REFY is the latest brand you need to add to your beauty arsenal. With the majority of their products reaching viral status since their launch three years ago, there’s no wonder they’re one of the hottest minimal makeup brands money can buy.

Launched in 2020 by beauty influencer Jess Hunt, known for her minimal aesthetic, REFY was clocked by celebrity MUAs such as Kardashian and Hadid’s own Patrick Ta, and within six weeks, the brand had sold out their entire stock.

But it’s not just celebrity endorsements as to why REFY is so popular – it’s what they stand for and the results they achieve. This is a brand that lives and breathes authenticity, innovation, and inclusivity, enhancing the wearer’s natural beauty, rather than covering it up. There’s not a cakey foundation or concealer in sight, but instead, a carefully curated collection of brow, lip and skin products that not only amplify your features but also make you feel confident and radiant. 

Speaking on the brand, Jess said: “I wanted to create a beauty brand in line with my values of quality and authenticity that would break boundaries and develop never seen before products. REFY encourages everyone to be confident enough to celebrate themselves and embrace their natural beauty.”

Today, I’ll be diving into some of my favourite REFY products and sharing why they’ve become some of my most coveted beauty essentials.

REFY Cream Bronzer

The most recent addition to my kit is the REFY Cream Bronzer and my only regret is not having purchased it sooner. Priced at £18.00, this product is a game-changer for those seeking a natural, sun-kissed glow. Being a pale gal, I got the lightest shade “Dune,” which is a warm and versatile tone, with three deeper options to add warmth and depth to the face. 

Buildable and effortlessly blendable, this creamy formula is so easy to use, offering a flawlessly diffused and velvety finish, and a texture so lightweight that you don’t even know you’re wearing it.

I found the best way to use this was to wait for my foundation to set, if I was wearing any at all, and applied it underneath my cheekbones, across the high points on my face and across the nose for a radiant effect. The bronzer moisturises the skin and ensures any excess oils are removed, creating a seamless and natural look without looking muddy or shimmery, as can be the problem with some bronzers. 

Vegan and cruelty free, the REFY Cream Bronzer allows you to sculpt and create definition or bronze and blend as an allover base. The brand recommends their Duo Brush for application, but since I’m yet to add it to my collection, I’ve been using the Expert Face Makeup Brush from Real Techniques and it does a wonderful job of recreating that post-holiday glow.

REFY Brow Tint

Products aimed at creating intensely fluffy brows is where REFY all began, bringing out a trio of best-selling and award-winning brow beauty buys that seriously changed the makeup game, providing perfectly groomed and filled brows that even Cara Delevigne would be envious of. 

The latest innovation to join the line up is the REFY Brow Tint, which launched earlier this year, and it’s already gained internet-approval, racking up more than 706.3M views on TikTok and counting.

Available in four shades, this water-based, non-permanent tint instantly adds dimension and texture to achieve fluffy, face-framing brows that stay put from morning until night. I use a combination of medium brown and deep brown, depending on which stage of my brow lamination cycle I’m at, and love how it enhances my natural hairs in just one swipe without loading them up with product.

What sets the REFY Brow Tint apart is its innovative gel formula, enriched with peptides to condition the brows, making them both fuller and stronger, while Camellia Japonica Flower Extract helps to nourish the hairs. The unique ball-shaped mascara-style applicator grabs, coats and defines each individual hair with ease, leaving no room for product transfer to the skin. For stubborn or coarse hairs, like mine, I like to run the brush backwards through the brow before smoothing and setting them into place. Once dry, she ain’t budging, promising to stay in place for up to 12 hours.

Priced at £16, the non-permanent tint simply removes with any makeup remover with very little effort – and my brows still feel well conditioned after using it, too.

REFY Brow Pencil

I have quite the museum of eyebrow products but the REFY Brow Pencil is a must for any brow-enthusiast’s kit. Coming in at £14, it’s available in light, medium and dark, and features a highly pigmented pencil with an ultra fine tip, which allows you to mimic hair strokes for perfectly defined brows. This is one of the OG REFY products, launched when beauty fans couldn’t make it to the salon, and honestly, it’s the next best thing to a lami.

The formula contains synthetic beeswax which helps to give a smooth application, complete with a spoolie that allows you to gently brush through and blend the product. Working alongside Brow Tint, the end result is gorgeously pigmented, angled brows that last all day and stay in place without smudging until they’re washed out.

REFY Lip Sculpt

No makeup look is complete without the perfect lip, and REFY’s Lip Sculpt makes sure I never leave the house with anything but a perfect pout. Priced at £18.00, this dual-ended Lip Liner and Setter is available in six shades, three with brown undertones and three with pink undertones – so far, I’ve snapped up Fawn and Taupe. 

The blendable and lightweight liner effortlessly defines the lips while smoothing fine lines, though I have found these to be a little bit on the flimsy side and can easily break if you twist them up a few millimetres too high. I find the best way to use it is barely out of the applicator, outlining the shape of my lips before gently smudging it with my finger to blend.

Though the real star of this product is REFY’s world-first setter – a one-of-its-kind almost silicone-like formula that sets lip liner in place for lasting wear for up to 10 hours. You only need to apply the smallest amount, waiting 20 seconds for it to dry before revealing a  smooth matte finish that is smudge-proof, reducing the need for reapplications and maintaining lip colour for longer.

For me, the setter would be amazing as a product in its own right, since its super staying power works on even the cheapest of lip liners from any brand. While REFY’s liner shade range is stunning, I find them to be on the crumbly side and therefore do have others I tend to reach for and combine with the setter. 

You can shop the REFY Lip Sculpt for £18 here.

REFY Lip Blush

This is by far my favourite REFY product, which goes to show that this brand is only getting better as it expands, with this blurring formula being their newest release. Again, this is an incredibly lightweight product that adds a subtle blush of colour to enhance your natural lip, but has a buildable pigment so you can create a bolder look if you so desire.

With six buildable shades to suit various undertones, the REFY Lip Blush comes in at £16. Whether you’re aiming for a natural look or a more noticeable pop of colour, Lip Blush delivers with ease. The balm-like texture provides hydration, leaving my lips feeling moisturised all day, while its unique blurring technology smoothes the lips to help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

I use the shade Amber – which just so happens to be founder Jess’ favourite for everyday, too – and love to use it to create a cohesive makeup look, using it on both my lips and cheeks as a blush stick before blending gently with my fingers for the ultimate ‘strawberry makeup’ effect.

REFY Lip Gloss

The £16 REFY Clear Lip Gloss is a great way to complete a makeup look, and is one of the only gloss products I actually enjoy wearing. 

The non-stick formula smooths fine lines and provides a glass-like finish, and with the addition of Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba Oil, my lips stay hydrated and appear fuller, working in unison with the Lip Sculpt and Lip Blush. I’m particularly fond of the metal applicator, which glides over the lip for a smooth application, and a little really goes a long way, offering a high-shine but low commitment gloss without any stickiness or shimmer.

I’ve really been enjoying ditching the full glam for these minimalist makeup products which help me achieve full, fluffy brows and glowing skin with little effort, which I’ve found to be quite empowering. It’s giving clean girl aesthetic, and what’s even better is that it doesn’t break the bank, with prices starting from £14, but never exceeding £30. REFY also stocks a number of bundles which allow you to build and personalise your collection, while saving money when buying multiples or products that naturally go hand in hand.

With their easy-to-use formulas, versatility and shade range to compliment all skin types and skin tones, REFY has truly redefined the beauty landscape and I can’t wait to keep adding to my collection.

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