Mum vs Millennial: Our go-to FatFace Jovie bag that goes with any outfit

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It’s no secret that I love a good crossbody bag, having developed something of an obsession with the practical yet effortlessly cool style over the last 12 months. Ever since Uniqlo launched their round mini shoulder bag in 2021, the dumpling-shaped bags have become a must-have among, well, pretty much everyone, with the high street being dominated by similar-looking sling bags.

And the latest addition to my accessories arsenal is a more elevated take on the viral bag from none other than fashion favourite FatFace. Their new in Jovie Half Moon Sling Bag is the ultimate functional fashion piece that anyone can throw on over their favourite fit and immediately pull it all together, no matter their age, size or style.

After falling in love with their bestselling Adele dress, for our latest instalment of Mum vs Millennial, I – aged 26 and a size 10 – and my 52-year-old mum, Tracy, have both styled the dreamy FatFace bag to prove it goes with everything, suits everyone and can inject some much-needed colour into your 2024 wardrobe.

Brand new for 2024, the bag comes in four gorgeous and wearable colourways, including black and tan for the neutral lovers, as well as green and orange for those who prefer a pop of colour in their everyday style.

Priced at £55, it’s more expensive than its casual cousins at the likes of Uniqlo, Matalan or Shein, but for its quality and design, it’s well worth the price tag. Crafted from 100 per cent leather with a 100 per cent cotton lining (which features the cutest pattern), this hardwearing bag feels really premium. Soft yet sturdy and structured, it holds its shape when filled unlike its nylon predecessors, but is just as much of a Tardis when it comes to its roomy main compartment, with plenty of space for all your essentials and more.

As well as its spacious Mary Poppins-equse centre, it also has an internal zip for keeping valuables bank cards, and an external zip that adds interest and texture to the overall look and can store anything you need to keep to hand, like a trusty lip balm or chewing gum. 

But one of our favourite features is the adjustable shoulder strap, which means you can wear it short and tucked up, or lengthen it for a longer shoulder bag. But it also means that women of all sizes can comfortably wear it across the body and find their perfect fit.

I took on the vibrant orange variant of the Jovie Sling Bag because I already have so much in my wardrobe that I know it would work with, including this muted-toned floral dress that I often pair with tan accessories. It’s such a great injection of colour into the outfit and really compliments the colour palette, bringing balance between the bold and subtle shades. I wore the bag strap as short as it would go, finishing the look with a pair of tan knee high boots, which were originally my mums that I rescued from a journey to the charity shop.

Meanwhile, mum opted for the green version of the bag, which is in a gorgeous forest hue. She lengthened her strap, although not all the way, throwing it over a cosy cream cable knit jumper and blue denim maxi skirt – a transitional outfit ideal for the milder temperatures as we head into spring. Dressing it up, she added greige heeled boots for a more sophisticated vibe – but this look would have been equally as cool with a pair of trainers for a more relaxed look, too.

Versatile and chic, the Jovie Half Moon Sling Bag is the ultimate everyday accessory for when you’re on the go. Practical without compromising on style, it pairs beautifully with anything in your wardrobe, from jeans to satin skirts, dresses to jumpers, and can be worn both casually and for a more refined look, making it the easy choice for accessorising any outfit for a range of occasions.

While green and orange are fun and vibrant, the black and tan colourways are timeless and ideal for those who love a more monochrome look. The FatFace accessory has done nothing to ease my addiction to this style of bag, which means the black version is already in my shopping basket…

You can shop the £55 bag on the FatFace website in all four colours here.


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