Mum vs Millennial – Styling the FatFace Adele dress for different generations

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Every now and then, both my mum and I will fall in love with a piece of clothing or trend and she always asks me: “You don’t mind if I get it too, do you?” Of course I don’t mind, in fact – I absolutely love it. And on the odd occasion we do happen to wear them at the same time, I’m always impressed as to how little styling nuances allow us to tailor them to our personal tastes – be it our best-loved Adidas Gazelles, long denim maxi skirt or our matching Rolling Stones tees. 

Most recently, we both found ourselves swooning over the Adele Shirred Midi Dress from coastal-chic brand FatFace. It’s a piece that’s become something of a social media phenomenon having received hundreds of five star reviews from shoppers, and now, having added them to our wardrobes, it’s easy to see why.

To prove just how versatile, wearable and flattering it is, I – aged 25 and a size 10 – and my 51-year-old mum, Tracy, styled the Adele dress in two totally different ways and it made me realise that I need it in every colour, immediately.

The FatFace Adele dress is one that ticks every single box, so if you’ve been looking for the dress of your dreams, you can call off the search because you’ve found it right here. The thoughtfully designed dress comes in two lengths – regular and short – to ensure that whether you’re petite or tall, you can confidently rock this dress without worrying about the hemline. Mum and I are both 5’5” and wore the regular length. Available in sizes 6-24, it’s got a pretty inclusive size range, and the elasticated design allows for you to size up or down to find a preferred finish. I found that my usual size 10 was perfect for me, but my mum – who is a little curvier – decided to size up from her usual 14 to 16 for a comfortable fit. 

This versatile style features a square neckline and shirring bodice which moulds to the body while flattering the tummy area, making it particularly good for women who are self-conscious about their stomach, alongside soft volume sleeves that cover the upper arm without it feeling like you’re hiding behind your clothes. The sleeves are finished with an elasticated cuff allowing you to adjust the sleeve length to your liking. You may notice from the photos that my sleeves look shorter, and that’s because I’ve hitched up the elasticated cuff to the top of my arm to create more of a puffed sleeve look, while mum has left hers rolled down for an alternative finish.

But naturally, the most exciting feature of this dress – and many of FatFace’s designs – are the handy side pockets, combining functionality with fashion without compromising on style. There’s nothing not to love about a dress with pockets, and FatFace does it so well. They’re almost invisible when not in use, blending seamlessly into the design, and are at the perfect height to rest your hands in them while pottering about. They’re plenty deep, too, making for an ideal place to stash your phone or lipstick, removing the need for a handbag, and I found that anything you put in them isn’t immediately noticeable either, thanks to the structured but lightweight fabric.

Comfort is non-negotiable when it comes to clothing, and the Adele dress takes this to heart. It’s crafted from supersoft Lenzing Ecovero viscose as well as a cotton and linen blend, making for a sustainable and eco-friendly piece that feels like a dream against your skin. It’s breathable, drapes beautifully, and allows for ease of movement, making it perfect for all-day wear while embracing FatFace’s coastal-chic aesthetic that translates effortlessly into city style, too. 

The hardest part about choosing which FatFace Adele dress to add to your wardrobe is picking the colour. The dress currently comes in  a range of eye-catching shades, including bright pink, bridge green, cobalt blue, teal, navy, and classic black, the former three being perfect for summer or year-round dopamine dressers, with the more muted tones lending themselves beautifully to autumn seasons, but work equally as well the rest of the year, too. Or, if you’re feeling a little fancy, there’s some stunning new-in patterned Adele dresses including ‘landscapes’, ‘mono vines’ and ‘woodblock’ if you’re someone who adores a print.

As someone who simply cannot have too many pink midi dresses, I opted for the fuchsia version of the dress, paired with black Dr. Marten boots for an edgy gig-ready look and a leopard print crossbody bag from Matalan, I added a pink ruffle satin headband from the independent brand Rommy which injected some feminine flair, resulting in a look that towed the line between girly and grunge.

Meanwhile, my mum went for the navy, keeping in mind that the cooler months were quickly approaching, already planning on digging out the chelsea boots and chunky tights. However, for squeezing out the last few rays of summer she chose white Converse trainers which have a burgundy and navy stripe, matching nicely with the dress, a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses and a string shopper bag, which was also FatFace but now sadly – but not surprisingly – sold out.

I have to say, this outfit had mama Shuff glowing. The neckline is beautiful while the shirring creates a stunning and slimming silhouette before falling with the cute little tiered hem. My mum’s main concern is often feeling ‘mumsy’ or ‘frumpy’, or is worried about looking like she’s trying to dress ‘too young’, but the FatFace Adele dress proves that age is just a number when it comes to fashion, bridging the generation gap and making it the ultimate wardrobe addition for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Transcending season and style preferences, the £69 midi is timeless and whether you’re in your 20s, 50s or anywhere in between and beyond, this dress will be your new favourite. From summer to winter, it epitomises style, comfort, and versatility, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting it in every colour, like I do. 

You can shop all of the FatFace Adele dresses on the website here.


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